Post accident

A quick history, diagnosed with PMR in June - car accident 2 weeks ago (8/30) Saw GP this week - currently on 15 mg prednisone for 3 weeks. Labs best ever; CRP and ESR were both 2 as compared to 56 and 30 at diagnosis. He has cut pred to 12.5 for 3 weeks and then down to 10 for a year as Bristol recommends. I was surprised with the numbers but have had hard time differentiating between pain from accident and PMr-both in shoulders, arms and back. Hope to do well on 12.5 I split my dose, took 7.5 this morning and will take 5 in early evening. Fingers crossed

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  • Fingers crossed indeed. Do you feel recovered enough after the accident?

  • not yet still tire easily and will need to wear cervical collar for 3 months with limited activity

  • Be careful with your reduction then - and under the circumstances, if it were me I would ask to go 1mg at a time. Just in case...

  • I only have 5 mg tablets so I cut down to 13.75 instead of 12.5 and will keep it there for about 3 weeks before I go down to the 12.5 GP suggested

  • Good luck! You are made of strong stuff. I would need a slower taper I think.

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