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Traffic accident today


I have GCA and PMR, and am taking Prednisone 40 mg. Today I was driving out of a large shopping parking lot and hit a car that was turning in to the parking lot. I can't

remember much of the details of the collision, except that I could not back up the car as my bumper was attached to the passenger door of the other car.

I immediately got out of the car to see if the driver was O.K. Fortunately, she was not injured. I started crying as I felt so badly about the damage to her passenger door, and just the fact that I hit her car! She was very kind, and concerned weather I was injured.

The fire department came to pull our cars apart. The policeman came to write the report. He did not cite me, but told us to each call our insurance companies.

I just kept shaking, and the tears flowed.

Since arriving home, I had a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck and back, I took some strong pain med., and used a hot water bottle on my neck and upper back.

l am concerned whether or not I was experiencing some brain fog during the accident

I returned several days ago from an 8 day family reunion in Seattle which was wonderful but exhausting.

I hope all of today' s trauma will not cause a flare up. I will have an Epsom salt bath tonight. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Happy New Year dear people. You are all so supportive and helpful. May your New Year be full of blessings.


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I hope you're okay and don't have some whiplash. Take care of yourself--I'd hate to see you have a flare from stress.

Hello Joyful13

I am very sorry to read about your accident. Take some comfort that no one was injured and cars are repairable. It has really shaken you up and it would seem that it doesn't take much with our condition to affect our body.

I had a little trip, but did not fall, on a pavement in July and ended up with two walking sticks and a lot of pain in my back and hip. It took some time to get over that. I, too, have foggy moments which I think must be down to either the PMR or the Preds. When driving routes that are familiar I sometimes have to really concentrate on which way I go! You have had a busy time recently and maybe that had something to do with it , just as I was looking after my grandsons when it happened to me. I think you need to give yourself some good TLC in the meantime.

I am sure you will get some good advice from the pros but take care and best wishes.

Poor you. Even without serious damage to either driver, it can be a shock to the system. I was advised to increase Prednisilone for a couple of days if I had a trauma, but thznkfully it hasn't been necessary yet. I should add that I primarily have rheumatoid arthritis, but with po.ymyalgia onset.

Oh Joyful13, I completely understand. Even before GCA and PMR, I had problems with fibromyalgia. I'm clumsy and can easily trip on a crack in the sidewalk. That small shock to the body was often enough to put me in bed for a time. Like patricia, I have the foggy moments......especially while driving. Recently, I've missed so many turns or suddenly realized I don't know exactly where I am. It's a little scary. I blame it on the prednisone. I know I think about my condition and plot my cure ;-). Guess my mind just isn't where it should be. Oh, the tears....not an abnormal reaction. Actually, you sound a bit exhausted. Give yourself some grace. Hopefully, you'll be feeling better soon.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi joyful,

As the others have said, thankfully no one was injured, but any accident still can be very traumatic however minor. You will feel battered and bruised, literally and mentally for a while, so suggest you increase your Pred for the next week, or until you begin to feel better.

My late husband, unusually for a male, was always very philosophical after an accident - his view was - you can always replace a piece of metal, but you can't replace a person! Years of being in the military and an outdoor man I think.

Obviously no one was to blame - it was what it was - an accident, so put it behind you, and get on with life. It may not have happened if you hadn't been away, but you'll never know, so no point worrying. Just get plenty of rest, and in future if you have an extra busy time, make allowances that you might not be at your best for a few days afterwards.

I was away for 2 weeks over the holidays, and since I've been back home, I've felt a bit shattered, so I've taken it fairly easy! You just have to go with the flow!

Take care.

I'm so sorry for you. And sympathetic. .On New Year's Eve I was on an accident where a van pulled out across the road yards in front of me - nothing I could do. The car's a write-off, I have a broken sternum and abdominal trauma and had two nights in hospital - partner has two broken ribs. The bruising on both of us is spectacular! I took extra pred after it and am feeling slightly better now, but was advised have a week in bed. It really shaked you up and you must give yourself time to get ovet it and try not to worry about the practicalities until later.

Look after yourself!


All been said Joyful - and what a horrid thing to happen. A shock like that is particularly traumatising when you are on pred - so do consider taking a little bit more to cope with the shock. And DO check with your doctor because even a minor jolt like that is enough to cause whiplash, especially when your muscles are far from happy with PMR anyway. I hit someone like venezia - a very elderly man decided I was going slowly enough for him to pull out when I was about 30 yards away, in a 50mph limit! I swerved the bit I could - there were cars coming the other way - and almost missed him. My big car won the contest hands down but still required LOT of new bits. Neither of us was hurt but the police told me to get checked in case there was any damage for the benefit of the insurance claims. Not sure how it works in the USA but here in Germany your medical bills go to the car insurer not your medical insurer. My PMR plagued back just seized up completely within a few days so it was as well I'd gone to the doctor.

As everyone has said - it's only a bit of metal and maybe a bit of dented confidence - were you able to drive your car home?

Forgive yourself. You will have a load of paperwork to get through but this is a routine situation to insurance companies. I did exactly the same as you, twice, when I was getting over the death of my youngest son. I thought I was fit and coping again and went back to work which involved a lot of national and international travel. My concentration was badly affected, my views on life utterly distorted but I thought I could manage. You have been through a stressful period with the holiday and you are suffering from a serious condition which plays havoc with your brain. I thought I had Alzheimer's when I got my first period of confusion with GCA. Now I know that inflammation causes this and I just tell everyone that it is happening, and please make allowances or corrections for me. I am learning slowly to let go a bit of my position as The Mother and The Organiser! I did not give a Christmas party this year, the first time since I started doing it 57 years ago! Happy New Year, may it be kind to you.

Don't beat yourself up. Everyone is distracted this time of year, add on the illnesses and be thankful no one was hurt. I've found myself in a few near misses since being ill, and I find myself deciding not to drive some days when the brain fog is thick. Not to mention parking lots are notoriously dangerous places!

Thank you everyone for your kind words, your personal experiences, and good common sense. You all really understand what I am going through which means so much to me. I did not realize that Prednisone causes more of a reaction to trauma and shock. That helps me understand why I couldn't remember what exactly happened during the accident.

I told my husband this morning that I feel like my brain was taken out and trampled on and then put back in my head, but I still feel like there are "kinks" and don't feel quite grounded.

If I try to do much of anything physically, I am exhausted or start hurting. I will definitely do some TLC these next few days.

Venezia, I am sorry you had such a serious accident, but glad you are slowly healing.

Thanks again, everyone. Have a wonderful day.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Joyful13

REST! In GCA you have a fairly serious illness and in pred you are on a pretty powerful drug. Both of them justify the TLC - and both of them may make you less reactive when driving so it is probably a good idea to drive a bit less if you can manage. I think I remember what happened when I had my accident - but I don't really know, none of us do afterwards. I do remember getting out of the car and being ready to strangle the guy who drove out in front of me and spoiled my no-accident record! Not to mention making a major mess of my car! But I felt awful for a week or more and I only have PMR and am on a much lower dose of pred - you needs lots of pampering and hugs.

Dear Joyful

My goodness, after reading all your responses I am reminded how blessed we all are to have each other.

This brain fog is actually a bit debilitating isn't it? It's like "work" to think sometimes. I lose a thought and fight to regain it. I do hope you'll be able to put the experience behind you and remember we all just do the best we can every day. Where do you live..close to Seattle? Traffic is awful there. We live a few miles south of Portland.

Do take care and relax with a cup of tea when you start "thinking". I think you've received a nice group hug 😊

Joyful13 in reply to PMRpixie

Dear Alison,

I live in Sonoma, CA. I grew up in Seattle and lived there my entire childhood as well as much of my adult life. My mom, dad and his wife, and my brother and his family still live in Seattle. Yes, the traffic is terrible in Seattle.

However, this accident happened in Sonoma where we have only lived for two years.

I agree with you that I received a nice group hug, and have felt so much better emotionally today.

Do take care.

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