Was doing so well now back/hip problem

Hi everyone I'm really frustrated as had been doing really well since the new year.

I was diagnosed a year ago this week with PMR.and started on 20mg.

since November I have been reducing very slowly and following the guidelines on this site as in the past had a couple of flares./ bad cramps.

Everything was fine until I got down to 7.5 mg. I was doing one day 8 then one day 7, for about two weeks then rest of month on lower dose. This is how I have been reducing each month and it was working so well. It meant I didn't have to fiddle with cutting pills in half.!!

I was at 11.5mg in November, so don't think I've gone too fast.

I did start back at my yoga class two weeks ago but was very gentle with my self.

About 6 days later my right hip started to hurt when walking. I saw the Dr a week later and he suggested paracetamol but if that didn't work after a week I was to increase the steroids to 10mg. Which I have just done on Monday. So far not much improvement.

The Dr said he thinks it's my lower back either from the PMR or something else which is causing this.

I have had this problem in the past but it would usually pass in a couple of days

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this x

Thank you for your time reading my post.


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  • Has your doctor suggested an xray? It is probably not the PMR if it is just one hip. Does the paracetamol work?

  • Hi piglets

    Thank you for your reply.

    No the paracetamol did not work so upped the steroids, and see what happens. If not, back to Dr. Yes I think X-ray would be good idea.

    Take care x

  • I must admit I have never got paracetamol to work for anything. I need to opt for something stronger.

  • Me neither - but even "something stronger" has never done a lot for PMR either!

  • I have myofascial pain syndrome which can cause low back and upper leg problems - it is often found alongside PMR, being caused by the same inflammatory substances that cause PMR symptoms. In PMR they are systemic, all through the body, but in MPS they are concentrated in trigger points of hard inflamed muscle fibres in the large muscles in shoulders, about rib level and in the low back where the baby's dimples are.

    The other, and from what you say more likely, thing is trochanteric bursitis. Bursitis is also part of PMR but not everyone gets it at the beginning. Rest and icing may help but by far the best treatment is local steroid injections - not increasing the oral dose which doesn't reach the bursa as well.


  • Hi PMRpro

    Thank you for your reply.

    I think you are right about myofacial as I've had this problem before but in my right side of ribs. And you kindly replied to my post then. I had numerous tests done at the time, which I paid privately for, luckily nothing untoward But no answers.

    It happened two or three times but each time it seem to be less severe. But not had it since.

    But my lower back feel very tight, like a knot, as you describe, so could be this is causing the hip problem.

    I did ask the Dr if it was bursitis but he carried out some tests and ruled this out.

    I will make appointment to see Dr again next week and put some pressure on him, just like my hip ha ha xx

    Thank you again for you reply xx

  • What tests for bursitis? What is the pain like?

    If you have low back problems with myofascial pain syndrome it can irritate the nerves running nearby and cause referred pain in the upper leg, even down to the knee or lower. A physio might help if they know what they are doing.

  • He got me to do various leg movements and then felt with slight pressure around area. He said it would be painful if it was bursitis ,which it wasn't.

    Today though the pain seems to be lifting and I have more movement, so hopefully this will continue , the thing is , is it because I have increased the steroids or just coincidental.

    Oh the joys of PMR. Thank you for your valuable input

    I hope you are. Doing ok xx

  • Slight pressure? Nothing slight about the pressure our doctors exert to diagnose bursitis! And to be honest - it may be painful walking, especially going up stairs, but may not have reached where they can examine. I could certainly move my leg without pain when lying - it was when they prodded fairly firmly over the tuberosity I squealed!

    Oh well - if it is better that is the main thing

  • Aww that sounds painful, mine is painful whenever I move it, beit lying Down or walking and stairs were pretty difficult, but when Dr put pressure on it , it did not hurt. I felt a fraud!! But as I said today is much better so fingers crossed. Do you still suffer from bursitis, does it come and go?

    It just seems so random sometimes.

    Someone wrote on here a while back describing PMR as a game of snakes and ladders, I think that's a pretty good analogy xxxx

  • Mine comes and goes - occasionally it will be just a day or two, if it is more and increasingly painful my GP will provide a steroid shot pretty much on demand. She trained in rheumatology before becoming a GP which is very useful - I would probably change GP since we now have one in this village with spaces and she is just as lovely but no rheumatology knowledge.

  • Yes we need to hang on to the good experienced Dr. That's for sure. Enjoy the sunshine weekend xx

  • It is generally more sunshiny here - I live in northern Italy... :-)

  • Aww lucky you. For some reason I thought you in 🇬🇧 U.K. Xx

  • Maybe a tendonitis as a side effect of steroids?

  • Yes that's a good point xx

  • I certainly empathize....after getting down to 6.5 of Pred and no PMR/GCA symptoms, I would be feeling fairly well if not for severe hip and back pain....from???.....going for X-rays....but to not even be able to walk is so depressing....and scary....


  • Aww poor you sounds dreadful, and not knowing makes it worse. I do hope you get some answers from X-rays. Xx

    My symptoms have improved slightly today so hopefully this will continue xx

  • Thank you, glad you have improved, hope it keeps up xxx

  • This definitely sounds like something other than PMR. I would be inclined to want to see a physical therapist. I just read on another PMR site where a woman with the same symptoms as you found out that her pelvis was slightly twisted and her physical therapist was able to readjust her and was out of pain in a matter of a couple of weeks.

  • Gosh that sounds interesting maybe it's something I should persew. Today my symptoms are improving so hoping this will continue x

    Thank you for this info x

    Take care

  • Hi Carole,

    Your situation is ALMOST like my wife's. She was diagnosed with PMR a year ago this week, but was started on 15mg prednisone. 2 months later it was cut to 12.5mg. A month later she was told to toggle between 12.5 and 10 for 2 weeks, then went down to 10. She was feeling great in September. But, by November, when she was told to toggle between 10 and 7.5, the symptoms returned. Her back and hips became a problem. An MRI was done on the hip that was more troublesome. Nothing was found other than some arthritis. The symptoms gradually went away, somewhat, when she increased back to 10mg. But, she does find that her back frequently feels like it is strained, even though she can never remember something she did to trigger it. Her back just seems to be ever so sensitive ever since the PMR diagnosis.


  • Hi Joe

    Yes I can relate to that, my lower back has always been troublesome throughout this PMR. It must be very frustrating for your wife. And as she says it's just random, no obvious cause.

    I do hope things improve for her, at least we are not alone in this which I think helps x

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