A cheery less gruesome post!

Hi all,

Apologies for my horrible ankle picture keep cropping up, just thought I'd share a nicer post, my Dads op went well and they removed a tumour the size of a pound coin so feeling very grateful for the GP who ordered the scans as he had no symptoms...he's being discharged tomorrow after his chemo flush so even better as they thought he'd be in for 3 or 4 days!

Feeling much more positive x have a good evening x x

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  • Good! Why DID the GP order scans????

  • He's been having pain in his stomach for a while and it wasn't his usual GP and she decided because of his history to send him anyway just to check...turns out it was on a different side to where the pain is so unrelated, thank goodness for her! If it was my GP there is no way he'd have sent him (same surgery) the Locum I saw when he was on holiday said he probably wouldn't be happy with him referring me to a rhuemy as he was one of the ones in charge of the Practice funding or something so would be trying to avoid any costs, which was an interesting comment! Awful that it just depends who you see...

  • Lot's of people won't go if they think they will see a different doctor or - god forbid - a locum. But it has its positive side - they often see it from a different viewpoint and without preconceptions - and are less worried about cost saving. Which is coming out of what they are paid to look after us - they are NOT poorly paid. Not as well paid as the Sun or the Daily Mail would have you believe but nevertheless, not penurious.

  • I'm glad about your dad and the boost it will give your health. It's scary what's happening to the NHS.

  • Good news and one less worry on your shoulders. Best wishes to you and your Dad.

  • Great news. Now you can concentrate on your recovery. I see just one GP at my practice after having poor treatment from one of the others.

  • So pleased that things worked out well for your dad and now you can concentrate on your own recovery. I didn't understand though the comment that usual GP would not refer you to a Rheumy because of funding? Didn't think it cost surgery to refer you of have I completly missed the point?

    Jackie x

  • Might be something to do with my GP being part of the CCG...this article

    In the observer explains..."GP practices are being offered thousands of pounds to cut the number of patients they refer to hospitals, according to an investigation.

    A freedom of information study found practices were being given large financial “incentives” for not sending patients to hospitals for appointments such as consultations with specialists, scans and operations."

  • He's actually head of our local commissioning body...

  • Ah - yes, I remember hearing about that and thinking it might be a recipe for disaster! That's fine - but you have to have the skills to know who needs hospital and who could manage without. And GCA needs specialist management.

  • When I heard that brainless idea, it seemed to me that GPs would just not refer people as they are pretty money oriented. It probably explains why my surgery won't refer people for xrays for example unless they go privately. In fact they almost sell the private path to you for everything, physio, steroid injections etc etc.

  • Think that's awful!

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