Prednisone? and teeth

For those of you with incipient tooth problems, perhaps caused by "bone thinning" - please make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D3 and, above all, Vitamin K2. I cut back my D severely for some time, because I'd had a high reading and, because I thought maybe I was taking too much K2 (apparently it is safe at high doses, but still...), I halved my dose of that. And after some months my teeth, which used to be very sensitive but had been much better for a while, started to to get sensitive again. Started to take a little D3 again, and went back to earlier higher dose of K2. It can't be coincidence that within a very few weeks the teeth are no longer as sensitive, and continue to improve.

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  • Does K2 come on its own or is it commonly in your average vit supplement?

  • Hi I take K2 100mcg and mine comes with 2mg vitC 1 a day with a meal by Troon health care.

  • I investigated the cost of VitK2 recently - costs a fortune from the pharmacy here in Italy! Hoping it is cheaper in the UK and if so must remember to get some - that's where I get my vit D.

  • Have you looked at - prices good and they deliver to Europe for £5.50.

    Apologies if not supposed to advertise!

  • I have taken VitD 25u (with a tail on the bottom left hand)g for over 5 years one tablet every day. Cost just over £10 from Boots for 180 tablets.

    I was reccommended to do this when I had such a low Vit D test that I had to take 40,000 units per day for two weeks, another blood test then 20,000-units per day for another two weeks. Since taking those tablets, my Vit D has never gone down.

    Now I would be worried about my teeth if I was taking AA.

  • Thank you for that information my number was 60 and GP had me cut back I felt 60 what is the max and was good. It took me a very long time to get there I was at 22 and teeth hurt terribly. It also took 35,000 units a week for a year to get me up to 60. Thanks again good Info. What dose of K2 are you taking?

  • teeth have become extremely sensitive which seems to correlate with my D3 being lowered to 1,000 iu by my nephrologist....he said that is the max for my kidneys...I've never taken K2 so will look into it if that might help....


  • It seems to be a pretty strong correlation so I thought I should share. If you have kidney problems please make sure nothing new is likely to harm them.

  • I take Vit D3 10ug, dose is 1or 2 a day. Also Vit K2 75ug once a day.

    I get K2 from Healthspan on-line, they deliver to Europe.

  • For those who can stomach it, Vitamin K2 supplements are made from natto, a fermented soybean product, Japanese. I haven't tried to get it myself. It might be a lot cheaper than the supplements. I don't know what my capsules cost, I know they are pricey, but there are 120 in the bottle, that's 120 days worth. Each capsule 100 mcg Vitamin K2-7. I've been taking double, though.

    It does caution people to consult a health professional if on blood thinners.

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