Haven't written for a while. I started to reduce my pred and got down to 4/5 by Christmas. Started to eat healthy and lost weight too, I was feeling good. I didn't want to have to start taking any more medication to get off pred .My Rheumatologist was very pleased with my progress, but said to stop reducing till I had my operation. I had my gallbladder removed at the end January (polyp) which was very successful, day surgery, home that evening and didn't even need painkillers. I started to reduce again Feb/March but I am struggling with hip/back pain and that horrible fatigue has returned. Still on 4/5 pred but suffering and feeling a bit crap again. Thinking should I go up ? or stick it out a bit longer to see ?

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  • Hi Jules,

    Glad to hear your op was successful, but no doubt it took its toll.

    Would hazard a guess that your fatigue could be related to your adrenal glands as much as your PMR, so in that case it might just be a matter of riding it out for the time being.

    However, if you think the pains are PMR related then it might be wise to increase for a little while to try and get a grip in case the inflammation has increased following the op. Might be worthwhile getting a blood test to confirm.

    If you're not sure, can you speak to someone in the Rheumy Dept for advice?

  • I agree with DorsetLady. Your body has been through a lot of stress and I would be inclined to try a mg or two to settle the reactive inflammation, wait a while then before resuming the taper.

    It's all a bit snakes and ladders, you're doing great then life throws a spanner into the works. You'll get there though.

  • I agree with the others!

  • Thank you for all your replies Ladies xx

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