Missed my dose

I missed my dose of prednisone. First time in 2 years. I am trying to see what room I need to keep my medications. Before I had a studio and so they were on the table between my bed and recliner. Now I have a one bedroom..... I love my new place....

Anyway I don't feel so good and my arms are sore and extra heavy. I have really slowed down on unpacking as my living room n kitchen are presentable.

What I am wondering is if this will put me into a flare? Should I have taken part of the 16 mgs late last night? I did not know what to do..

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  • Hi Lin

    I missed my dose just before Christmas & I felt unwell later on in the day, but didn't know why, l only spotted my error the following morning, l just took my dose the next day with no ill effects.

    Missing one day would not cause a flare, so don't stress about that, mainly you'd be just tired or have a bit more stiffness than usual or like me, just felt 'unwell'

    It's too late now really to catch up on yesterday's dose & l don't think you should double up today, take it easy & see how you go.

    Best Wishes

    Mrs N x

  • I think a lot of us have done it, including me, although one only tends to do it once!! Mind you I did it twice, I did not learn very quickly. Just carry on now with your normal dose and you should be fine. Also take it easy, don't try and get everything ship shape immediately.

  • I would agree with Mrs. Nails. I have also missed a dose and found out only much later. Best to just keep going, you'll sort out today or tomorrow. I felt it was a good sign that I could forget! I keep my med's in the kitchen so they are there when I get my breakfast. It's better to take prednisone with food so it makes sense to me. Take some time to rest for a day or two before undoing a box or two each day. Have fun with your new place.

  • Thanks everyone....... had to go out today to get labs done and don't feel much different than usual....well maybe a bit more sore but nothing too bad.

    Gonna rest this afternoon cuz I have to make something for the pot luck at bingo tonight. The people here are so nice compared to the last place I lived... It is so nice to see people smile instead of growling about everything... I feel very blessed...

  • The instructions on the papers which came with my first prescription of pred said to take a missed dose as soon as remembered, and not to double up if forgotten completely.

  • Mine said the same thing.

  • I didn't realize I missed it until 9 pm. I normally take my pred at 10 am by the latest ....so anytime between 9-10 am.

    It was time for my evening pills and Calcium was one of them. I know there has to be 4 hrs between Calcium which I really need as well as you can see bone loss on my upper spine on side view chest exray which is what my pulmonary Doctor showed me yesterday that was freaky.... Would hate to crack a bone that high up.... Actually would hate to have any stress fractures....

  • Hi Lin-calif

    Just read your post did not know you should leave the Cal tablet for four hours in between .Ihave been taking all my meds together with my breakfast so hope it as still worked .No you definitely dont want stress fracture I got mine on 23rd Dec it as been an horrendous and painful journey IAm in the process of learning to walk again it fractured in the lumber area so every move caused me so much pain .Sorry for moaning but I am now getting there

  • If you are on a bisphosphonate such as AA for your bones, you do need to wait at leat three hours before taking calcium, otherwise the bisphosphonate is not effective. I take my bisphosphonate first thing in the morning and take my two calcium /vitaminD tablets with my lunch and evening meal.

  • Please never worry about moaning here on this forum.. We get to whine all we want and then hopefully we don't wear out our friends and family who in reality just don't get it.

    I finally hit the wall and can't believe that sitting and playing bingo could cause me issues. I think it is also unpacking too much so I keep telling myself I have the rest of my life so slow down. The main problem is I have ordered things that I did not know came in pieces. My new ceiling light fan is in a 12x24 box so I know it will need to be put together which I have done before. I also ordered a three piece patio set and think it needs some assembly. Guess my bedroom will end up with lots of boxes hahah!!!

  • Jeanmh, I took pred and calcium together in the morning for about six months before I learned I shouldn't, and got a diagnosis of low bone mass. Calcium interferes with a number of things, and as I have to take iron twice a day my life got rather complicated for a while. Now I take pred and iron in the morning, iron at lunch, and calcium at supper and a little before bedtime. It was more difficult when I took calcium three times a day! However, after correcting the mistake, plus continuing to taper the pred, my bones improved. :)

  • 2 to 3 hours is enough - and closer for one day is not the end of the world!

  • Dear Jeanmh

    I think everyone is diffierent regarding stress fractures I got mine on 21st March 2016 when I heaved a radiator over the back railings of our terrace. I didn't know I 'd also got (GCA) Steroid induced Osteoporosis at the time and the fracture was at L1 in the Lumbar region. The pain was frightful and disrupted my every activity. My GP gave me some pain relief but it was several months before we found the right drug to ease the pain without unpleasant side effects. I found two walking sticks essential and am still using them nearly a year later. I'm on 8 painkillers a day but the pain is now only on one side of my hips and walking is much easier.

    I hope I'm not typical of someone with a spine bone fracture and don't want you to think that your journey will be as awful as mine, I have other medical conditions so that's probably why mine has been so grim but thank the Lord it is getting better. I hope you will get better soon



  • Hi Colin... Thanks for sharing. I sure hope you get to a place of comfort and pain relief.

    God bless you!


  • Thank you Colin it gives me hope after reading your post .It is such a slow painful process .Been really ill since October after been diagnosed with G C A then trapped nerve in my back which turned in to a fracture and have been told it could happen again it is frighting.I just hope I can get back to my dancing which I love it keeps me going .Like you I hope I never have to go through this ever again.



  • stress it's worse than missing a dose. You actually sound wonderful and happy. Your new digs will help so much psychologically and you will feel better. Just go slow Unpacking can take as long as you need. I'm making a move and packing up half house while having another house renovated 1300 miles away. The change will be good For both of us.

  • I truly am taking today off. I have everything out of sight and I am exhausted.

    A hint for packing sort it before you move. Then make sure the things you will need are easy to find.

    I still have no idea where my envelope n stamps are. I will forget it n buy more. Silly me.

    One of my neighbors describe our community just perfect. She said Once I come thru the gate I get such a feeling of peace n all the other stuff is left outside. She summerized my thought perfectly...

    Take it easy on packing and know you will overdo it so truly plan your rest.

    God bless your move.


  • I sympathise wiith you. I moved last May and since then have had a two room extension built and the kitchen refurbished including two walls removed. Consequently I still have tworooms full of unpacked boxes and had to go out and buy stamps and cards when birthdays came around. During this period I was told. X-rays showed I needed two hips replaced and one knee replaced, and also had developed bursitis in the hip as a result of PMR. I now realize I overdid things so take a rest when I need it, and I feel it's like Christmas when I rediscover something which has been lost for months. Take it easy and good luck

  • Oh my you make my plate look empty.. How do you maintain with your hips n knees. I need surgery on hernia n gallbladder but can't until prednisone dose is a lot lower.

    Will you be having surgery soon. I sure pray it works out well for you...

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