Missed dose and grandkids

Never again (well certainly not while I battle with this condition) will I willingly offer to take my 3 amazing grandchildren for the week again! (2 under 2 years and a 3 year old). I managed to avoid them whilst they shared Scarlet fever and then chicken pox, but one of them was still harbouring some lurgy or another which has hit me like a ton of bricks.

Coupled with this was a day so busy that I think I forgot to take my meds inc 10mg pred, felt increasingly worse as the day went on with the familiar joint and muscle aches but was totally floored the following morning, extremes of hot/cold shivering uncontrollably etc, took att my tabs at 5am ate a banana and crawled back to bed and felt slightly more human by 8am.

5 days on, the little darlings have gone home but I am still coughing, achy and generally knackered. I also temporarily have taken an extra 5mg at night just to give me a chace of not feeling quite so bad in the morning, dont know if this was the right thing to do or not.

Next time I think I might have missed a dose, I will simply believe that i have and take another, the effects of 20mg must be better than the effects of 0mg!

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Poor you! The addition of a bug, and perhaps increased inflammation to your system can't have helped. Hope you feel better very soon.


Sorry sealine. just having my toast, just pictured 3young ones creating havic.brought a smile, to you perhaps not.HOPE you are soon on the mend.I am thinking some where down the line the thought of it will also make you smile.Take Care.Dave.


Hi sealine30,

Love my grandkids very much, but I could never have looked after them for a week at that age. With or without GCA!

I'm off on holiday with mine shortly ( aged 7 & 8), but with Mum and Dad and the other grandparent, so I'm sure I can manage that!

Take a good rest. But I think you need to let your children know how their little ones stay affected you, they obviously don't appreciate the nature of this illness. That's the problem, we look good on the outside....but others don't know what's going on inside! DL


Definitely! On all counts!

Nothing would get me to look after 3 at that age for an hour, never mind a week! We are no longer the age we were when we did it with one hand tied behind our backs. And modern children are much noisier and bouncy than ours were - and I'm not the only person who thinks so! Mine are teenagers and are blooming hard work - tinies with PMR???? NO, NO, NO!

I suspect had you asked beforehand on the forum what we thought there would have been a resounding "DON'T DO IT!!!!!"

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i agree. im committed to a 4yr old till aug. when he starts school full time. daily i am wiped out.

with RX and potassium rich foods im hanging on.

some days are uneventful but the days that arent are exhausting,

rest rest


I'm so relieved to read this. I have 4 grandchildren. A one and a three if you see what I mean. The eldest is non verbal nearly 12 year old autistic. I sometimes mind him for the day and sometimes have the three together. I manage somehow but go home shattered. They live 8 miles away. I want to give my daughter all the help I can. We take them on holiday and I do most of the cooking.


Oh yes- theres a reason why we have children when we're young anyway! Like the idea of double-dosing rather than under-dosing too.

BTW, I found a week-long pill dispenser that has a separate *removable pill pack for each day of the week* (each is individually labeled Mon-Sun!).

Each of the individual day packs has 4 compartments: "morn, noon, Eve, bed". This has been a tremendous help in preventing missed doses.... I set a weeks worth of pills up every Sunday. Then I know if the pills are gone from the (ie) Friday "morn" compartment, I know I've taken Friday's morning dose! It's a great help for busy people, esp in the wake of steroid fuzz-brain... and the individual day pkgs are very small, so they easily fit in a purse pocket. Recommend that!


There is a place in heaven for you. i have seven grand children and I know how hard it is to say NO. Give the parents the book to read and then make it clear that STRESS is a major factor in our disease and what is more stressful than three young children. ?? Also...when they are sick..... and they are little Petri dishes of germs at that age....they do not come to Grandmas. Good luck


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