Thanks for this Site!

Hello Everyone:-

Just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone

who's contributed on this site over course of this year since I've joined the 'club nobody asks to join'(!) but in particular, the Guru (PMR pro) and the Sage(Dorset Lady) - without whose advice I'm sure we'd all be even more baffled than we already are by this strange bl**dy illness we all suffer from!

Happy Christmas ladies and thanks again for your tireless efforts to keep us sane and resilient!

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  • Been called many things, but never the Sage!

    Don't know if that means I'm old and wrinkled -do hope not🤔!

  • Seriously - when PMR struck me back in March, it seemed to come at me like a train - one week I was fine (for a 69yr-old), the next I was contemplating life as disabled - it was truly scary.

    Only by dialling into this forum did I begin to understand from those with experience of the condition, what I should expect to feel and how best to deal with it.

    To tirelessly concern yourself with sorting people out deserves recognition - so there!😉

  • Sage is a most beautiful silvery green with a royal purple flower - which enhances food and drinks. Sounds very suitable to me DL!

  • Aw shucks Ma'am! (Sorry, Guru!) You do say the sweetest things😏

  • Doesn't Pred ward off wrinkles?! Oh, I forgot - you're off it.....(only joking!)

  • Well written, I would like to second that. You two ladies have been more than helpful - Celtic too!

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017.

  • Oh, bless you Charlie1boy, although I know I'm guilty of not being very helpful recently. An awful lot going on what with running the ever growing local group and long term health problems/hospital appointments. Meanwhile, I've looked in from time to time and the wonderful PMRpro and DL and countless others are doing a sterling job in supporting everyone as ever. Have a very happy Christmas and I wish you all that you would wish for yourself in 2017.

  • Thank you very much - I feel very humbled at the messages I've had the last few days!

    Not sure how I keep anyone sane - being totally mad myself ;-)

  • Yes but when you're totally mad you don't know - everything makes perfect sense to you - it's only the others around you who queztion your sanity

    Well that's my excuse anyway - and I'm sticking to it!

  • Hi, include me in that please. its so good to know that we can get support from people who are so much more informed than the doctors.

    Happy Christmas and thank you so much .

  • And me! Happy Christmas to all!

  • I would also like to reiterate everything said and add a special thank you to 'Guru & Sage'. Your commitment and advice to this forum is exemplary. It has kept me sane, able to still work and most of all remain positive whilst coping with my PMR journey. I sincerely wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Rest a lot, let others 'take the strain' enjoy a favourite tipple.....or two. Best wishes to all. Jane x

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