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Hi all, I just wanted to say a big thankyou to the advice and support I received on this site earlier in the year. I was a 45 yr old male who fell ill in late February with terrible muscle pain in my legs and arms and suffered dramatic weight loss (2 stone over a few weeks). I was in hospital for two weeks whilst the doctors tried to work out what was wrong and it wasn't until I came under the care of Dr Rod Hughes at Chertsey that I started to get some answers (he believed I had a PMR related illness and I was put on a course of Prednisolone). Once I was back at home with an idea of what was wrong with me I was delighted to find the PMR support group. It provided great comfort and advice at a time when I was at a very low ebb and I'm forever thankful for the words of wisdom from many sources ( special thanks must go to Shirley, PMR Pro, Dorset Lady). I'm happy to report that i have been back full time at work for the past 2 months and feel back to my best. I've been signed off by Dr Hughes who believed I had suffered from a PMR type "post viral myalgia". Best wishes to all, I hope my experience shows that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. x

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  • Hi Underlee,

    So pleased to hear you finally got a diagnosis, and that it wasn't PMR.

    I also have seen the light, last (fingers crossed) Pred taken six weeks ago!

    Good luck to you and your family.

  • DL, what fantastic news from you, too. Definitely a good news day all round. You are a special inspiration to everyone, I'm sure. Enjoy every minute of your Pred/GCA-free future. Shirleyx

  • Thnx,

    Both you, and another certain person (we all know who) got me through my bad days! Ironically, have been to my first PMRGCA meeting today! Sue

  • It's never too late to find a support group and, apart from already being an inspiration on this forum, as someone who has come out the other side of GCA and Pred, you will offer so much hope and a big morale boost to those in the group still struggling. Hope they're all good days from now on, Sue. Shirley

  • Shhhh - I won't shout but that is great!!!!!!

  • Thnxs for all your help, and no - I'm trying not to get too excited - one day at a time still! Hope to see you in club zero soon! Sue

  • This is the only wise monkey who isn't looking very likely to get there!

  • Sure you will one day! We monkeys have to stick together you know.

  • Never say never, PMRpro - I'm sure you will, too.

  • I think you will get there PMRpro you are a very determined lady..i am another Monkey trying to get there !! I am so pleased for Underlee..i believe I had a conversation with him at a PMR Meeting..Good Luck for the future..if only our Dr Hughes's Magic Wand could extend that bit's great to know you are back at work . Thank you Celtic ,PMRpro and Dovelady and many others that give such reassuring advice on this Forum..Have a Good Weekend all of you ..trishxx

  • Thank you, Trish, I hope your weekend is enjoyable too, and your PMR behaving!

  • so pleased hope your Pred free days continue

    Its only through help on this site that I am on 110.5 its a slow process but I know I will get their.


  • 110.5 I will be on them forever it should have read 10.5

  • You do know you can actually edit your posts on this site? Click on the little arrow. Relieved you are not on 110.5 mg!

  • Hi

    I have tried and only comes up with report post

    However just found it now

    Thanks Rose

  • I started typing a reply, and had to edit it and it worked perfectly... You can only edit your own posts and replies of course.

  • So pleased to hear you are recovered! I was wondering what had happened - but since you were under RH you were always going to be well looked after.

  • Thanks Underlee, for shining your light on a day that I really need it.🌞

  • Hi DorsetLady 👏 really happy for you. I bet the weather is lovely up there.

  • Lee, I replied to you earlier but it seems to have gone AWOL! I am just so thrilled to hear this good news from you. It's so kind of you to take the time to let us know. Now stay well, and enjoy a pain-free future with your lovely wife and young family. Shirleyx

  • Thankyou Shirley. Keep up the good work! x

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