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Omeprozole & Prednisolone

How long should I wait to take my pred after I've taken 20 mg of Omeprozole? I take a tablet for high blood pressure & Omeprozole when I get up in the morning and try to wait about a hour before I have breakfast and take my steroid tablets but sometimes I only manage to leave a half hour gap. Is this OK? Thanks for any advice you can give.

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So long as you take PPI on an empty stomach, and Pred with or after food then you should be okay with 30 mind or so.

Check with pharmacist if you're worried, but I'm sure you're okay.


Thank you, it was just one of those niggling queries that wouldn't go away. Hope you don't get tired of answering our endless questions now that you have managed to ditch the pred. Don't know what we'd do without you. Thanks again.


No fear of that. I well remember my early days, both before and after diagnosis. I didn't find this forum until 6 months after diagnosed, wish I'd found it earlier!


It's definitely a lifeline for us in what is a frightening and very confusing condition.

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No problem, Pat. That's just what I've been doing for the last five and something years with no ill effects.



Are you taking the coated prednisolone? When I was taking the uncoated pred I used to have to take Omeprazole now I am taking the coated I no longer have digestive problems.


Thank you for your replies I feel happier taking my Omeprozole half hour to a hour before the steroids now. I've taken Omeprozole for a few years now ipsydipsy so I think the chances of me coming off it is minimal


The directions with my Omeprazole say "Can be taken with or without food". I take mine with my Pred at 11pm usually without food. I have not noticed any ill effects.



Just noticed your blog about taking your prednisone at 11pm? Am new to this PMR & have been taking 5 6am with a banana as can't fancy breakfast that early. Is there any benefits it taking at night will it help insomnia?.Thanks for all advice as a newly diagnosed these blogs keep me from utter dis pair. Golf was my life I feelas if it will never be aagain?


Hi Glyngin,

I have had PMR since August 2015. I am now just down to 9.5mg of Pred. I started taking my Pred at 11pm a few months ago after reading on here that the best time to take it was 2am, but I didn't want to do that! I find I wake up with no pain, I used to have bad hip and thigh pain for 2 hrs every morning. I sometimes have trouble sleeping but put that down to not being as active as before. A cup of drinking chocolate helps on those occasions. I now get a bit stiff around 9-10pm after sitting watching TV, but not as bad as it was in the mornings. After Xmas I am going to try reducing very slowly to 9mg as my Rheumy wants me to reduce a bit before my next appointment in Feb.

I think it is worth trying a new time to take your meds., everyone is different but if it helps with the pain that's what we are after.

Good luck x


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