Weather and PMR

Having a bit of a flare up last few days and wondering if cold and damp weather can cause it. Trying to figure out if it's something I ate, the weather or who knows what. On 20mg prednisone and don't really want to increase. Was feeling great for the last few weeks and then bam. Probably going to wait a few more days and if it doesn't settle down I may increase to 25mg for a week or so. Welcome any comments or advice.

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  • 20mg is actually the normal starting dose for PMR so you really shouldn't need to go much above that even for a flare.

    Yes, weather can affect PMR considerably - especially damp and cold, although everybody is a bit different. There are some people who find their symptoms are just about gone and they are able to reduce while on holiday in, for example, Spain but the symptoms return in good old Britain! Germanic weather stations often include a "bioweather" forecast telling which groups will find their symptoms increased in the following days and it isn't just old wives tales - studies have confirmed the effects. There are even some suspicions that certain areas - low lying and damp, for example - make the locals more likely to have rheumatism or whatever.

    Had you overdone it just as the weather changed? There are things I can do fine in warm dry weather - today? Not so good! It was meant to be bright and sunny - it's been dull and feels decidedly chill!

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm situated in Northern Ontario Canada, around -1 degree right now and snowing a bit. Leaving for Florida on November 1 for 6 months, so hopefully that will help.

  • Does anyone stay in Canada over winter?

  • me :)

  • I'm in Michigan, close to Sarnia, I had a flare, came on with sore hips about a month ago when our weather had started to change a bit. It got worse, the weather and my pain, had to increase a bit, feeling better now. Our weather has dropped a lot in temperature. I also had a big flare last year in Nov. after returning from Az. Into a bust get ready for the holidays. I'd say after having this for almost 5 years that stress is the bestest factor, and the weather a slight second! I was at 4, and this happened! I agree that you are high enough you shouldn't have to increase much, unless it gets severe! Good luck neighbor, enjoy Florida💕

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm about 600 miles north of Sarnia, a place called Timmins. Anxious to get back to your country. Take care.

  • Hi... Yes weather can affect you. It's not so much to do with rain or cold but all to do with barometric pressure. Low pressure always precedes rain and a cold spell.

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