Flu jab

Hi all, for the record, I got my annual flu vaccine last week. The wonderful pharmacist explained that the substance used in the shot is not live virus. The major issue with PMR and prednisone users is that the desired immune response may be less than optimal, given the immunosuppressive action of pred.

Don't know if I explain this very well, but for the first time, I think I understand the whole thing. 😜

No negative PMR consequences a week after the jab.

Kind regards from Washington state, USA

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That's right - but, in the words of a well-known UK grocer, every little helps...


I've never had any problems with the flu jab itself......and I haven't had flu for a long time. I can't remember when the last time was, I know I had it one time when I got the flu jab very late, too late! Maybe 2000?

I make sure I get it early now!


I haven't been ill with the flu since I realized that the earlier in the fall I receive the jab, the better. Having had the flu twice in my lifetime, I have a very healthy respect for its potential severity, and l do as much as I can to avoid it. Therefore, I recommend taking that jab and avoiding anyone who is ill during flu season.

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Flu jab not free here for pmr or ra. 12.99. However I am a careworker so should get it free. But am prepared to pay as seem to catch anything going round. Had shingles recently for example


I understood that all immunosuppressed people were encouraged to have flu vac


Yes they are,but now not free.


We are lucky then in Scotland as still free


I always get my flu shot, early and every year! Sorry if I was not clear in my first statement, my point was just understanding the effect of prednisone on the vaccine action! As PMRpro said, every little bit helps!


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