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I am due for surgery for hip replacement next Thursday ..the hip surgeon wants me on a low dose of steroids, I had managed to taper down to 7mg but due to the stress of the op being cancelled two weeks ago I have had a flare up of PMR. I have asked my GP if I try to stick to a low dose of 7 and I am in pain and discomfort foes this mean my muscles are inflamed? If so will this cause problems for surgery. My G.P could not answer the question or give me any advice.......! Am prepared to put up with the pain and discomfort for a week or so if it means my hip gets least then I will have my lower body functioning....I really do feel that apart from this forum my PMR journey is one I have to journey and manage alone....and try to coordinate medics along the way!

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What about trying a few days of 10mg and then dropping back to 7mg? That has worked for a lot of people to get rid of the effects of a short-term flare due to stress and is perfectly OK as long as it isn't more than a few days.

Is it too much to hope they have already given you a new slot? And do make sure the surgeon/anaesthetist know, and acknowledge to you they know and have written it in your notes, that you have been on long term steroids so they have to watch out for any signs of an adrenal crisis as a result of the surgery - it may not happen but it can.


My new date is 4th.Aug...I will try taking 10m.g over weekend and then drop back down. Thanks for quick response and advice...


Good luck - my birthday!!!


I had hip replacement surgery last year when on 5mg, and a knee replacement earlier this year at 7.5mg. None of the surgeons/consultants queried these at all, just the anaesthetist who asked me to confirm my dose. I've had no problems with either surgery or steroids and hey - I can walk again without pain!


That's very encouraging ......thanks


Managing medications alone is quite daunting compared to how we have usually been taught to follow directions on bottle. I find this forum invaluable

Blessings on your surgery


Rich blessing's for the 4th. x

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