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The weekend, fatigue and stuffing my face!

Monday July 11th

The bags under my eyes are get darker and deeper but thank goodness for Yves Saint Laurent and that marvellous touch up pen they created - Touche Éclat. And the diets not going great either!

I really should crack this sleep thing – I was considering raiding mothers pill “sack” on Friday evening but thank god I was treated to a Thai meal out and the 3 V&T’s that I drank with that meal sort of helped. It was a spicy one and very warm inside- humid – rain forest like and I felt completely justified! As I’m on the subject about over consumption I was also treated to lunch on Saturday – I ordered fishcakes and poached egg – the béarnaise sauce was delicious; on ordering I thought I was being very well behaved but that was only because there was a distinct absence of chips. I chose to ignore the fact that the fishcakes were very crispy and this could only mean one thing—frying in oil! And then a friend told me that Gin and Tonic eats fat, so I was over that…

The rest of the day I really didn’t eat anything, apart from a bag of twiglets at around 9pm and so on Sunday morning I felt totally justified in crunching my way through sourdough toasted bread with tea in bed.

Most of Sunday I felt completely exhausted but was off to my brothers with my youngest and the devil dog for a catch up and roast dinner – god it all went wrong this weekend on the food front! A magnificent roast chicken was served with every vegetable under the sun – the dog almost had a fit in his excitement at seeing the chicken!! And no I didn’t need to eat the upside down pineapple cake but thought that might be better than a chocolate fudge brownie.

Not sure if it was the heavy duty bags under my eyes, but my brother and his wife really were the hosts with the most on Sunday; we got home early evening and all 3 of us fell into a food coma. I eventually dragged myself to bed at 10pm; and had it not been for a "date" that I’d blown out on Saturday ringing me on my mobile 3 times randomly between 2.38am and 3.30pm I may have gotten a decent night’s sleep! SO tonight when I get in from work and after I have thoroughly quizzed and dissected my first born’s weekend away – festival, no money, no sleep, starvation, and exhaustion; that’ll take about 4 seconds, my phone will be completely well and truly off tonight.

My shoulders and arms are feeling really almost normal today.. some twinges but nothing like last week and this is great news because I would like to lie in a hot bath, overflowing with bubbles and full of Epsom Salts; and with arms and shoulders almost functional I’m not going to be screaming for assistance when I want to get out!! For me – a total water baby, this is a pretty big deal- I’m actually getting very excited..

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Love your post, food is such a temptation and then comes the guilt ... Very funny, made me feel aim not alone

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