CBD oil

After reading about this on this site I have ordered a bottle of this oil. Can anyone tell me firstly how to use it and secondly has anyone had experience of it helping, or not? I saw somewhere that it can boost the immune system which I understand is not the way forward with PMR.

Perhaps I should have thought this through before reaching for the internet!

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  • As far as I am aware it is cannabis-based and is therefore probably illegal, though I know some online pharmacists will sell to anyone.

    You are right, it wouldn't be suggested for anyone with an autoimmune condition. We are taking prednisolone to damp down our immune system and reduce inflammation, so taking something which is going to boost it rather negates the pred efforts.

  • Oops....thanks for the help, another £30 ish wasted. My pharmatist told me that it can have an antiinflammatory effect on the muscles and is absorbed through the skin to affect the entire body. The oil is available through Amazon and ebay and I would have thought that if it is illegal this would not be the case. Capsules can also be bought.

    Perhaps I will try it on my geriatric Jack Russell (just a tiny drop) who has severe itching problems and whose skin becomes badly inflamed and won't mind if she becomes spaced out.

  • Please check with a Vet, if it was a bad idea for you it might be a bad idea for the poor pooch too. Better to waste money than health 😉

  • I was going to anyway thanks. We have our bi-weekly meeting on Monday when she tries every known remedy for itching.....this has been going on for six or seven years now (she is almost 16) and the only cure was steroid injections which the vet is wary of as her bloods are not perfect. I find watching a dog scratching awful, so debilitating.

  • Ida-June128.

    Can't advise on the oil I'm afraid, but for your dog, go onto fb and search for fenland forager. The owner of the page is Darren Gallagher. He does various herbal potions and one that worked for my dog when nothing from the vet did, is a shampoo called dermo shampoo, which smells like coal tar and a cream called Tip-top. My dog's itchiness cleared in 3 weeks

  • Thank you, I'll do it today.

  • I hope it is of some help. You can also ask Darren's advice on the page.

  • I had a spell about ten years ago when the skin on my hands got so red and itchy I was wearing white cotton gloves at work. I tried all kinds of things including prescription hydrocortisone. The thing which turned things around was applying hemp oil (the edible oil not the CBD). I now swallow a tablespoon each morning as part of my anti-inflammatory protocol, and eat hemp seeds as part of my bedtime snack. Cannabis is an amazing plant. I believe there was a time when the French Acadians, early settlers in Nova Scotia, were required to grow hemp because of its many varied uses, including for fibre. There is still healthy and perfectly legal hemp agriculture in Canada, but in the West now. (Because I seem to be an apologist for cannabis, I feel I need to clarify that I've never enjoyed the recreational aspects of the psychoactive strain.)

  • Not the Charlotte's Web brand but a 5% distillation. My pharmacist (who is very knowledgeable) assured me I would not get spaced out if I used it. On the leaflet it is also indicated for auto-immune conditions.

    So far I have used it for three nights running, Friday being the first... just two drops on my upper arm massaged in. Saturday was a a really good day, the last two have been slightly better than usual but as everyone knows it is impossible to quantify good and bad days against outside influences. I'll try it for a month and see what happens.

  • Seems perfectly fair to me!

  • My understanding is that cannabidioil is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It has no psychoactive effects. In Canada most is apparently wasted as a byproduct of the completely legal edible hemp seed and hemp seed oil production. CBD is extracted from the leaves.


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