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Blood Results

I have read that the CR results are more reliable indicators of PMR

I have accessed my medical record and am busy digesting the contents spurred on by the fact that test results mostly do not reach my rheumatologist for a number of reasons too silly to take up space here.

At the request of my rheumatologist I have been tested and founfd normal for "C reactive protein level"which I assume if CR for short and "Serum creatine kinase level" which does not appear in any tests requested in the past by the GP. I am wondering what the significance of the creatine kinese is to PMR if any as this has shown up as below the normal range prior to being referred to the rheumy.

Also if should catch the eye of someone who understand "bloods", I have a consistently had a high score on Mean palatelet volume

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CK is a differential test - some myalgias that are very similar in appearance to PMR are caused by illnesses that destroy muscle tissue. This raises the CK level but it doesn't happen in PMR.

Mean platelet volume is a machine-calculated result - it is done automatically by some labs. Together with other results it may indicate certain diseases but they would flag it up if they were concerned I think.


Thank you PMRpro

My CK test shows me just a smidgeon above the normal range - at 5 iu/l

My platelet reading has an exclamation mark at 11.3 fl and has been slightly above the range for a year or two so I may take this up when I see doctor to run through my record as I have a few other queries Eg. it says one of my blood tests result that I am on statins which has never even been suggested.

By the way, last week I asked my rheumy for a Dexa Scan when she asked why I had stopped taking ibandronic acid and she is referring me - my doctor would not send me. She has not signed me off as I feared might happen. And I also asked if I can ring up if my trochantic bursitis rears its ugly head with a view to having an injection. and that's oK. Bearing in mind that I suspect it was her intention to make up at least some of the the 45 minutes she was running late at my expense, it was a good result. And the moral is:"don't ask - don't get"


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