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On my Rheumy's instructions, I've just taken 3 months to drop from 8mg to 7mg Pred. She told me I'd have PMR for at least 3 to 5 years so there was no need to rush things, and that once I got to 5mg the reduction would be slower still. Fine by me.

I've had my bloods taken today and if the results are good (I'm feeling okay) the plan is to take another three months to drop from 7mg to 6mg.

My question: If the blood results show an increase in ESR, but it's still within the 'normal' range quoted, do you think I should start dropping from 7mg to 6mg as planned? I didn't think to ask the Rheumatologist this when I last saw her, and my next appointment isn't until December.

I Your opinions please?

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  • If your blood markers have been stable and then start to rise it is a sign that maybe the dose you are on is very slightly too low to deal with all the daily inflammation - just postpone the reduction for a week or two and get the levels checked again because it might not be the PMR, other things will cause them to rise, like a cold or an injury. On the other hand - if you have symptoms that always trumps the blood markers. They sometimes lag behind the symptoms so may be normal despite PMR pain.

  • Thanks for your sound advice. I'm feeling fine, but we'll see what the results say when they come back next week. Fingers crossed. Thankfully had the bloods taken the day before a cycling stress test on my heart which I'm sure would have raised the levels a little if not a lot. But, thankfully, as I say... shhh, quietly... all feels well so far.

  • Hi,

    What a sensible Rheumy! My advice would have been same as PMRpro - so won't add to it!

  • Nice to hear that some rheumies out there do their homework, specially when reading about so many others on here that are clueless. You are lucky , most of us seem to have to go through this journey feeling rushed to taper.

  • Hello Gaijin. Yes, I know, I'm VERY lucky to have such a good Rheumatologist. I really feel for those of you being rushed.

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