PMRGCAuk Members' Day and AGM

PMRGCAuk Members' Day and AGM

There is still time to join PMRGCAuk and enjoy our Members' Day and AGM.

Speakers are Prof. Bhaskar Dasgupta, talking about new international recommendations for PMR and GCA, Kate Gilbert, launching the second edition of the PMR and GCA book, and Dr Saleyha Ahsan (pictured), one of the presenters of 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor'. We are hoping that the BBC will also be present doing some filming for a piece on GCA.

So don't miss out, join PMRGCAuk now!

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  • Hope you have a brilliant day and that we get to hear some good news about future treatment, diagnosis etc.

  • I would love to attend but (like so many of us) I don't know if it will be a good or bad day for me. I don't like booking anything in advance, taking up a place and then not be up for attending. Dilemma!

  • Know exactly what you mean Caro. The only answer I can give is that at least if you are having a bad day then everyone else there will be sympathetic!

  • What is the location for the Members day and AGM ?

  • Polylinc, all details, including the venue is on the link that Kate provided but I give further details below to make it easier:

    Date: Wednesday 15th June, 11am – 4pm

    Venue: NCVO, 8 All Saints Street London N1 9RL

  • Thank you Celtic ... POLYMYALGIA fog 😔 Sorry ...

  • Yes, it has become our 'usual' venue for the AGM and Members' Day - an affordable venue in London. We would love to take it out to somewhere else, but London is still the easiest to get to and home from for most parts of the country.

  • I will be interested to hear whether NHS Scotland will adopt the same guidelines as we are still and I hope for many years come, a part of the UK!

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