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Professor Dasgupta on video

Professor Dasgupta on video

Hello everyone!

At the PMRGCAuk AGM held in June, Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta, whose name many of you will be familiar with (he is President of our charity and a leading expert on PMR and GCA), spoke about why 2016 is a landmark year for Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis. Here is a link to his talk on video.


When you watch this video, please click on the 'like' button on the youtube page. This will help people to find the video when they search the site.


Photo of Prof. Dasgupta by Robert Lowrie

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This was great. Thank you!


thank you...


So interesting and encouraging. Thanks.


My new rheumy mentioned Professor Dasgupta today and his talk was really useful as it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel. My rheumy said he would write to him with a view to my being able to have Tocilizumab although I gather it is not yet licensed for GCA although there have been good effects.


Really interesting and informative.

Thank God for Professor Dasgupta and the knowledge he's sharing with other professionals about PMR and GCA.

He deserves an award and so do all of you who run PMRGCAuk.

Keep up the great work!



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