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Thank you

Just wanted to thank all the contributors to this site- the insights and tips given are so helpful. I was previously taking my pred on a split dosage 5mg at night and then 9mg in the morning- but since moving to take it all at night just as I go to bed I have been so much better. This might not work for everyone as I think I had taken the advice to do the split dosage from the site as well- however what it does prove is different things work for different people- but I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to contribute and help other people.

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Agree with what you say!

At the beginning of PMR or GCA it's so isolating, you think you are the only person to have it. I didn't find this site until a few months after diagnosis, and it's so good to get other people's experiences and advice. And most of all, their support when things are not going well.

We're very good at virtual hugs! Long may it continue.


Roy, great to hear you have found a way to manage your Pred that is successful for you. As you say, we are all different, and we can be different in the way we respond both to the condition and the treatment. You never know, your post may possibly offer a solution to someone else 'looking in' who might be having difficulty managing their own treatment regime - that's the beauty of the forum. I do hope you now continue with a smooth 'journey' to remission.

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Hi everybody. Just read r.o.y.1 comments on taking the full dose of pred at night. I was taking a split dose and tried the middle of the night as well but taking a snack to bed just didn't work for me. I am now taking 8.5mg with a yogurt drink at 11pm. The pred is made up from 5mg and 1mg White and 2.5 enteric coated. I started this the 1st January and after a year from hell I am now sleeping like the proverbial baby! I am on the dead slow reduction and have invested in a pill cutter to half the 1mg shortly.

All my best wishes to everyone.



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