Forgot to take Pred maybe for one day

I am on 13mg but when I took my dose today, I found I may have forgotten to take yesterdays. I am normally careful but had a lot of stress over xmas and there are floods in my town.

Hip pain back with a vengeance today and yesterday - maybe stress, maybe results of missing tablets?

Could loss of Pred cause bad symptoms to return in one day so that it is so painful I can hardlly walk.

I have a long train journey to do tomorrow but I may have to cancel if pain does not subside.


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  • Yes - every morning a new lot of cytokines, the inflammatory substances that cause the symptoms we call PMR, is shed in the body at about 4.30am. That is what causes the early morning stiffness and the pred then eases that after a couple of hours. If you don't take your morning dose - the early morning stiffness often gets worse through the day. The anti-inflammatory effect of pred lasts from 12-36 hours, depending in the person, and if you aren't a 36-hour person you will start to feel the inflammation returning that soon. I assume you've taken today's dose? If so, the pain should start to fade the way it did originally and you'll be back to where you were before.

    I have a tablet to take late afternoon - I always forgot it and then had an atrial fibrillation episode after I'd gone to bed despite having taken the evening dose - so I set a daily alarm on my mobile phone for the time. Fewer problems remembering now!

  • I am so grateful for your early reply and explanation of effects of Pred - it is amazing how quickly the intense pain returns but I have taken a dose 14mg at 7am so hopefully I will see benefits later on.

    I had forgotten just how bad the hip pain was as I was diagnosed in October and Pred worked quickly.

    I expect this inflammation is there all of the time Pred or no Pred it is just being masked - thank goodness or I wouldnt have a life of any quality.

    I cut down from 15mg 3 weeks ago - this episode makes me think I should stay on 14mg for a few weeks longer before I taper.


  • Hi Cassie again - I am doing research on steroid effects on muscles in PMR in the new Year at Leeds. I don't know any more details of the research yet as I am awaiting an appointment. I will keep the forum posted if I have any news.

  • Yes - I know about the project. Wasn't sure when it was to start but I knew it was close.

  • I would really like to hear about that!

  • Pollyanna

    I haven't started the research yet but will post here any developments.

  • Great thanks.

  • When I forgot my pred I swore it would never happen again. The pain came back with a vengeance. In fact it did happen again, but that is definitely the last time!!

  • Yes I agree I didnt know I forget Pred until this morning then I realised what this wicked pain was. Been so busy over Xmas too I live and learn!!!

    Our town is devastated with floods electricity just gone on after 48 hours - looking after 2 days whilst their owners clear up their house -no wonder I forgot but as you say never again!!

  • I had a UTI over Christmas which meant even more tablets, so as I have to give my husband tablets 3 times a day in addition to my own, I had to make a daily tablet schedule listing what happened when. I attached this to the fridge and found it very helpful as I could fit everything in with my other timetable for cooking the Christmas dinner. The mobile is a good idea and mine has an alarm for my husbands Warfarin tablet which has to be taken at the same time each day, but I found there were too many different hours to put on my mobile for everything.

  • Thanks for your advice very useful- after I forgot Pred for one day I still have hip pain but a bit less today so I think I am adjusting to Pred once again and catching up- anyway I am on a long train journey to see my new granddaughter born Xmas Day- my son is off work so he can wait on us all - I am ok sitting down its just walking that is painful.

  • I'm glad you're still okay to do long journeys as I get pain if I sit, stand or walk for any length of time. Have a lovely visit to your new granddaughter and have a relaxing time.

  • I too forgot my Pred on xmas day and paid for it for about 4 days. Was surprised how long it took to readjust. I am down to 4 or 5 mg and tried to get down to 3 on some days but gave up in the run up to xmas! I get muscle ache/twitching in bra strap area as a first sign that I am doing too much etc.

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