Diabetes following Steroids

I am sure this must have been discussed before. Diagnosed with PMR/GCA June this year, currently just dropped to 20mg (but feeling it in my shoulders and scalp ...) still struggling with the usual ups and downs and pred side effects. Now looks like I have diabetes, full bloods done yesterday but all symptoms including sugar in urine. So my question is, before I get my appointment at the diabetic clinic (assuming it is confirmed), what do I eat? I have laid of the carbs because of weight gain but this is an ongoing issue, I have put on about 8lbs. I eat lots of fruit and Veg, but lots of the Veg upset my IBS (which is also worse on the preds). So if I cut back the fruit, can have limited Veg, don't want to overdo the Carbs.... leaves me with meat/eggs and dairy I guess (I don't eat fish).

Any suggestions or information would be appreciated ........

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  • Lesley, I can't speak from experience not having diabetes myself, but I'm sure others including polkadot.com, will be along to advise you shortly from their experience. Meanwhile, you could check with Diabetes.co.uk who will be able to send you fact sheets on diet for diabetics.

  • Fruit is not a good idea in too large quantities as it has a fair bit of sugar. It does sound as if you are between the devil and the deep blue sea with the IBS though. My diet is very high in salad and cheese/meat/poultry in sensible amounts. Our dietary preferences are the limitation I suppose.

    However - what were your blood levels? You may be excreting sugar in the urine at a rate that is keeping your blood levels not too bad and it is the Hba1c that is important - an indicator of the average levels over the last 3 months. Some of the antidiabetic drugs they use use that mechanism - they make you excrete more sugar.

    Hopefully the diabetes clinic appointment won't be too long.

  • Thank you, I haven't got the results yet. So I am trying to be careful, low sugar stuff etc. Feeling confused about everything and my health in general.

    If I get any interesting info I will update the thread.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi. I turned out to have type 2 diabetes after nearly 5 years on steroids. I have cut down hard on the amount of refined sugars I eat and have upped my fat intake slightly to compensate.

  • Thank you Kate, does that mean I can eat a little fruit or did you find it helpful avoiding that also?

    I have increased my fat/carbs a little - but am so wary because of the weight gain etc.

  • I am sure the diabetes clinic will help for you. In a lot of areas free living with diabetes courses are run which will probably include a session with a dietician . They are good at giving advice about coping with multiple food restrictions.

    Otherwise you could ask for a referral to a dietician.

    I till your diabetes appointment I would concentrate on not making too many rapid changes, IBS flaring up is the last thing you need.

    If in doubt I tend towards soups, minestrone is the current favourite , I made a big pot yesterday .

    Good luck

  • Thanks Sallyaches, that seems like sensible suggestions, I will do as you suggest.

  • No fruit for you. Protein and veggies. No root veggies. I found sprout bread with 4 carbs. I'm trying to stay off meds for diabetes. All drugs make me sick. So I take my sugar 3 times a day. Meds for my asthma raise my sugar. Food does not. I am eating 40 to 50 carbs a day. No sugar. Attitude towards food now is eat to live not live to eat. Drink almond milk. Cows milk has sugar.

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