Why montgomery cherries?

With all this talk about self medicating with herbal remedies and out of season imported fad foods, how about enjoying  the wonderful variety of UK fruit and veg? I'm sure currently available brassicas must be good for you and we've got the whole of the the summer to eat anti oxidising soft fruit and even English sour cherries! If you want vitamin C then leave the peel on your early potatoes. Grow some parsley or basil on your windowsill or have fun sprouting a few beans in a jar. In the autumn eat edible berries from the hedgerows. Nutritional science says that a wide variety of food is best for us. Eat locally and in season and we will do that enjoyably and cheaply. Perhaps we will see more cherry trees in blossom as well?


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  • Quite agree, and I think you'll find most people on here do eat seasonably and sensibly. But, you cannot always get enough vitamins this way, without eating a bucketful of the food concerned, and much as I like broccoli, there's only so many ways/times I want it!  

    So sometimes, the concentrated form in a supplement is used as that - a supplement! 

    I'm looking at a cherry tree as I write this, so know where you are coming from. 

  • That's why my wife has always made me take the multi vitamin pills and a fish oil capsule every morning! They didn't stop me getting pmr of course. But then nor did growing and eating my own food, an active lifestyle and not drinking or smoking. I really don't think there are any miracle cures yet

  • No, you are so right. But keep trying to find one - one day you'll be a millionaire! 

  • Fernan, I think you'll find that very few of us, if any, follow "fad food" diets, with many of us actually following anti-inflammatory diets in an effort to give ourselves the best possible opportunity to ease our symptoms along this oft complex journey with PMR and/or GCA. 

    The same applies to herbal remedies as we are well aware of the need to check for any interaction with steroids before introducing such remedies. 

    And yes it is good that we have the whole of the summer to enjoy an abundant variety of UK fruit and veg - meanwhile it's a trial of Montmorency cherry juice for me in an effort to help with my blood pressure.  I'm in the lucky position of no longer having to worry about any supplement interactions with Pred as I have been in remission for 4 years...not that I'm much of a believer in the way of supplements anyway, preferring to try and get all the nutrients I need from my diet, trusting that steaming all our veg is giving us the maximum benefit.

    Ah the wonderful cherry blossom - like DL I have the pleasure of seeing one in all its glory from my kitchen window.


  • Hi Celtic, a bit of advice from you please regarding the Montmorency cherry juice, I guess that it is safe for me to take with pred?  I'd forgot gotten that you are in remission. The article I read about the juice being good for lowering blood pressure which is what I need it for, stated that 60ml was taken in a glass of water, but on the bottle I got this morning it said 30ml in water, I'm thinking 60ml is going to be the best to help with the blood pressure, do you agree? Also what would you suggest as the best time of day to take it ......or does that make no difference? Sorry for so many questions but the juice as you know is expensive and I want to give it every chance to help. Many thanks in anticipation. Sandra

  • Sandra, I think you need to check with your pharmacist for any known interaction with Pred - there certainly isn't anything mentioned on the usual reputable sites.   Although the amount used in the very small study was 60ml, I'm going to stick with the 30ml recommended on the product for the time being at least as I'm already on two different drugs for my BP.I I usually drink it some time during the afternoon so that I take it some hours away from my BP drugs.  Wouldn't it be great if it works but I'm not holding my breath as not so many years ago Pomegranate juice was being touted as the star treatment for reducing high BP.  However, I really like the taste of the cherry concentrate!

  • Thank you Celtic I, will check with my pharmacist, my blood pressure is not too bad at the moment so I am hoping it might just make that little difference as I don't want to have to take drugs for BP as well as everything else. I guess the afternoon would be a good time for me to take the cherry juice as that is the only 'window' between the all the drugs I have to take at the moment. Thanks heavens for this forum and people like you! Sandra.

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