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Multiple Mylenoma

Anyone get multiple mylenoma from prednisone? Just wondering, have to get blood test Friday, having lot of pain kidney area, but think from rare spinal surgery had in NYC. Sed. rate, and CRP been good (get blood every 3 weeks) plus no longer anemic so really think it is nothing to worry about. Was just wondering as see where it can be side effect of Prednisone. Been on heavy doses since Dec. 2014 down to 35 mg now.

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The studies that suggested a link between prednisone and MM were very small and so not really accurate. Corticosteroids (dexamethasone and prednisolone) are used to TREAT MM. MM is more common in people who have suffered immune suppression so people who have been on high doses of pred over a long period of time might develop MM but 6 months isn't very long. Myeloma is one of the things to be considered in the differential diagnosis when someone presents with query PMR - though since you are on such high doses of pred I assume you were diagnosed with GCA?


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