"Pred sandwich" & Vit C?

Hello all!

PMRPro's response to Verdala is the first I think I've read of the Vit C "pred sandwich" at start of dosing.

I'm on 12 mg pred daily at this time (down from 15mgs in Dec).

Are there suggested doses of vit C and why it is helpful to sandwich the Pred in Vit C when you start?

I currently take 500 mg vit C/day and am curious if I should take more... I eat a lot of green leafies, but not much citrus.

PMRPro, I've also had steady slow weight loss success on the low-carb diet (hope I haven't jinxed myself by putting that in black/white!).

Almost all my carbs come from veggies and 2 pcs fruit/day. Have lost 20+ lbs since Dec, while taking 12-15 mg pred. However, must note that my appetite is also still down from PMR effect AND I'm able to move more bc I feel better on the pred than I have in the last 2-3 yrs....

TY again all, for sharing your thoughts!

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Sorry - I should have explained that better: the week on either side of vit C is just as a placebo in the test - I doubt the patient is told it is just vit C, it's ! The week of tablets before doesn't cause any improvement, the week of tablets after the test week doesn't stop the pain. So it wasn't just "I've got some tablets it must be better..."

Well done on the weight loss - it does work doesn't it!!!! Despite still being on pred!


Thanks again PMRPro! That makes sense. Too bad tho- was hoping for an easy "vit C Cure"! 😜

Re diet, sometimes I slip on the carb limits (had some pasta today and enjoyed every bite), but for the most part am pretty loyal to the routine. Want to keep the lbs off -always the challenge for me.


Me too - I'm not going to turn down Italian gelato in summer. And last night the first course was a very respectable filet of fish with salad - but the chocolate mousse spoke to me...

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LOL - it spoke in lovely Italian, I assume? 💃.

"All things in moderation..."



No - Austrian German actually! We're in Innsbruck for the rest of the week as OH does some consultancy with someone here and a former colleague from Newcastle is here talking programming for the experiments (yawn). Just round the corner from the lab is a lovely restaurant so we went there last night since we had the shout (at the Boss's expense), tonight the Boss himself is taking us to the Altstadt for very definitely Tyrolean food. There is supposed to be a celebration of gaining 2 or 3 new grants - which may be on Friday...

The colleague is in a hotel - we are on the campsite with the campervan. We get 4 nights on the site for the price of one in the hotel - which has recently been upgraded and given plain glass doors to the ensuite! It isn't the first Innsbruck hotel I've seen that in and I'm frankly not enthusiastic - frosted glass is bad enough... ;-)


Ha!! Sounds SO fun (the non-programming bits). I love camper vanning.

Yes, glass to the ensuite is way too bold, IMHO. Tooooo coooool.

Mmmmmm... Never had it, but Tyrolean food sounds very good right now, esp at the bosses expense :) .... must be getting hungry here.... b4n!


My Rheumy suggests 10,000mg daily of Vit C when I am unwell with a virus or flare of any kind.

Whilst the body does not retain vitamin C I make sure I take it every few hours throughout the day with a little food if I am under the weather which I am presently.

The form of Vit C I use is two fold - firstly I take Ester C with bioflavonoids which is gentle on the stomach as opposed to ascorbic acid.

I also take Lypo-Spheric Vit C , 1000mg which contains liposomes made from phospholipids.

I could not be without my trusty above mentioned supplements.

I eat a healthy diet and incorporate gentle exercise into my daily routine (if well enough).

Google Lypo-Spheric products (Livon Labs) and it will explain more about it.

Hope this helps.


That's very interesting Mehams. I'm willing to try anything. Taking handfuls of supplements and 500 mg ascorbic acid daily. Will look into the higher doses etc. I am wary re more poor ole kidneys these days. But C largely excreted thru kidneys, so will need to up the water a lot to help me out. TY for this info! Zoe


Hi Zoesquare1

When I am ticking along OK on my meds I take at least 3000mg Ester C with each main meal and with evening snack 1000mg LypoSpheric Vit C.

I agree that kidneys need to be watched and drinking water is excellent as you mention.

I haven't quite managed to get up to the 10,000mg daily intake as recommended by my Rheum Spec and don't think I would try unless raging infection in which case I would probably need to take antibiotic's and would compliment with intra venous Vit C from a Health Centre in Auckland.

Not sure if available in your neck of the woods but worth an enquiry for future reference.

I've done this on many an occasion when struggling with respiratory issues which take a month of Sundays plus, to recover from.

Regards once more.


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