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Since November, I've had a succession of infections - sinusitis and bronchitis - and flu. My CRP went up into the 40s and since December I've been on 10mg pred which has brought the CRP down to a pretty satisfactory 11. However, This past week, I've had another sinus and chest infection made worse by the high tree pollen count which exacerbates my asthma. A week ago, I felt so achey around arms, shoulders and upper thighs that I went up to 12 mg and have felt better since then. Now the doctor has put me on an antibiotic to get rid of these bugs and my thinking is that I should probably stay on 12 until I finish the course. I am due to see a rheumatologist at the end of May but which time I'll have had PMR for 4 years.

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  • If you have had chest infections, especially bacterial ones, that can raise CRP considerably, to as high as 60. But it is quite common to need more pred to cope when you have any form of stress and that includes infections. Your GP really should have moved sooner with the infections - when you are on pred it is often harder to shift them.

    I hope the antibiotic is not a quinolone? Their names end in -oxacin and they do not mix well with pred of any sort, particularly Medrol, and can cause achilles tendon problems (I know, I've been there and had 9 months on crutches!)

  • Thank you for the information, Pro. It's my fault! I thought I could shake off this bug without antibiotics. It's not a quinolone - it's clarythromycin. I'm allergic to penicillin, more's the pity and doxycycline made me very sick when they tried that on me. It's years since I had an infection like this and I suppose I wanted to get the better of this one myself. Not one of my best decisions.

  • Having just read your post Annodomini I am not sure whether to feel better or even more depressed! You see I am still struggling to get over a severe sinus and chest infection too. I am picking up every bug going by the look of things and to cap it all I am now developing lumps under my tongue in the base of my mouth. I now have three and am still trying to contact my GP to discuss this further following a trip to see him when the first one appeared just over a week ago. I hate this illness! The only positive I can see at the moment is that I have started taking 13mgs of predafter being on 14 for at least 6 weeks! And I am fed up with everyone saying how well I look when I feel hideous!!

  • Sympathy pmrdec112014. For three years my health was very good, despite the PMR and pred, but this winter has not been kind to me. Just at the moment everything tastes like straw, though I haven't actually tried that. It was nice to feel like sitting out in the sun today - but not so nice, waking up to find I'd been snoozing in an awkward position. Those lumps under your tongue sound uncomfortable. Have you thought of asking your dentist about them? They usually know more about mouths than GPs.

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