Best Christmas

Best Christmas

I have had the best Christmas for many years. Health has been rough this year hospital and doctors at least once a month coming to a grand fanfare in September with GCA The local chemist knows me by name so do the surgery staff.

I had to give up a lot of control this year ,let others take load I sit here very happy content counting the good things in life.

Makes you think when illness strikes is it all bad .

So I wish everyone out there a good year and may you achieve what you not only want but need Olive

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  • Happy New Year, Olive! I hope that 2015 grants everyone better health. Good wishes to all.

  • Happy New Year to you too Olive! Hope 2015 is better!

    If you think it is bad the GP surgery and the chemist knowing you - we walk through the local hospital and are greeted by all and sundry! Even outside when they are off-duty - most embarrassing!

    Is that Washington DC?

  • Yes it is was there in April as belated 60th birthday present spent 6 days there then drove to Nigeria over 2 days 2 days there drove back couple more days in Washington then home we had a great time

  • Niagara I hope ;-) - what did you think of it? The Falls are magnificent but Niagara itself was so tacky I thought it made Cleethorpes look like Paris! We had driven from Ottawa to Boston and then back towards Niagara to go back to Toronto - had we done the trip the other way round and started with Buffalo I'd have turned round and gone back to Canada! It isn't often I have locked the car from inside and prayed we wouldn't break down. Then we crossed from the US to the Canadian side of the Falls - such welcoming people US border guards on your way back! We only had a day in DC - shame, but the White House visitor centre was great.

  • I have that thing were you mix things up they give a name to a condition that those with it will never spell dyslexia that's it. The falls were great stayed at The Falls View on the Canadian side payed for a view room lay in bed looking out at them .Had dinner in the casino played a little blackjack it was fun

  • Oh bless you Olive that is so well put, may 2015 continue to be a good one for you. Sounds like you've cracked it . . And we all have the sunshine to look forward to very soon x x

  • Happy New Year to you too. Perhaps we all on this website have aims for 2015 ,which are different.....getting off Preds...I wish and to be able to return to former health. need a fairy godmother I think. Trouble is what is age related and what is this medical condition?

  • I so agree 55grove. Preds were like a miracle 3.5 years ago but now I just loathe the affect they have had on my body. Even if all goes well I've still got another year on them (reducing, of course). I have other health issues too, which were manageable prior to GCA but now very low stamina, breathlessness, almost constant 'sleepy-tiredness'. Boo hoo hoo!! On my own and my flat deteriorates by the month but I can't even summon the energy to employ carpet/upholstery cleaners, electricians etc.

    As you say, what's due to the condition or to the normal ageing process? - who can tell? It's a vicious circle! Should exercise more but too 'weak and wobbly' so lack of exercise will only make me more w & w. I DO have some good days but many more not so good and cannot pinpoint why. I've been blessed with a patient disposition though and never, thankfully, suffer from depression but can easily sympathise with those who do.

    Here's to better days to you and to all our fellow sufferers in 2015.


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