Raising awareness for PMRGCA

On Sunday 7th September I'm again running the Great North Run and raising awareness wearing my Polymyalgia Rheumatica vest. Last year I was bed-bound and in a wheelchair and never dreamt I'd have the opportunity to run a half marathon again. Already received loads of media support with story on ITV Tyne Tees itv.com/news/tyne-tees/sear... last Monday and local radio. On Sunday I'll be giving a live interview on the BBC stage at the halfway point ... sometime around 11.30am depending how I'm running! Please read my story and support at justgiving.com/John-Robson8/

"Running free with a smile" :-)

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  • John

    You are doing a great job raising the awareness of both PMR & GCA.

    Take it easy and just remember, it is the taking part and trying that is important, not the finish line.

    Will be glued to the TV on Sunday.

  • It's just so wonderful to be at the start line ... everything else is a bonus. Thanks to all my good friends for supporting me and helping me return to running x

  • Have a great run John!

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