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Stress and PMR

Here is some proof, as if I needed it, that stress is a major contributor to PMR. Last night the tv show I like to watch at 11 pm was not on so I thought I'd check my email and Facebook. What a dumb idea, because of course I learned about a totally inappropriate building development near me and got really angry. I have been studiously avoiding these situations, wondering whether I was being a bit silly. Well, I could almost feel the fire building up in my body as I tried to relax and move on (that saying about not being concerned about the things you cannot change) but it didn't really work and this morning I am still rather upset, and I can feel that pmr burn. :(

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Hi HeronNS

I totally agree stress and illness does have a great effect on PMR have you tried mindfulness or meditation .I find that does help their are some great sites on line that talk you through it .Tia Chi is brilliant as well the less stress we are under the better.

I have wrote all my frustrations down before when things are bothering me those that are outside my control . I then ripe them up or burn them idea is that you let go of them by doing this .

Best Wishes Rose


Thank you Rose for your suggestions. Today I bought a new cardigan that will not show cat fur :) then went for a walk along our harbour trail. Recent rain had stopped and it is a little misty. The smell of the wet leaves underfoot was heavenly, and when I was near the water the ocean seemed noisier than usual and the sound of the small waves hitting the barrier rocks nearly drowned out the sounds of the city. I got home just as the rain began again so escaped getting wet and am just now enjoying a cup of tea. I still feel myself stiffen (metaphorically and physically) whenever I think of the bad choices our elected civic officials make, but in the big picture we are so much better off here than in much of the world, and I knew at the time, and now, that I am over-reacting. Later I will attend the last in a series of lectures, and practice my tai chi with the help of that wonderful Best Four Hours Tai Chi Tutorial on YouTube.



Even the description of your walk relaxed me ,so I hope you feel better soon .As you say we are much better off than a lot of people so lets count our blessings .

Have good weekend


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I can't believe that the news item caused me so much distress. Then it gets followed up by the horror in Paris. So now I am convinced that PMR really IS all, or mostly all, in my head, because why else would I wake up this morning, having felt so well for weeks and weeks, with incipient pain in my neck and shoulders? That was going to be my standard - if the pain was felt in my upper body, it was time to up the pred. Took 9 mg this morning. :(


Feeling better. Took 8 mg yesterday and today, no problems. Advice requested - I had planned to try 7 this week, tomorrow actually. Now I think I should wait a few more days, maybe until next week, and would it be a good idea to try 7.5 instead as I appear to be so delicately balanced on the brink of an abyss?


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