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Does anyone know if it's OK to take codeine whilst on prednisolone?

My GP prescribed codeine/paracetamol when I first had my PMR symptoms as he didn't want me to start on steroids. He eventually changed his mind when the painkillers barely touched the pain. I still have them and was thinking of taking one or two when I have bad days such as when I reduce the pred. I have heard a lot about people taking NSAIDS, paracetamol or aspirin but nobody as far as I can tell has mentioned codeine. I could go and ask a pharmacist but don't fancy going out in the cold tomorrow. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Badgergirl, I take codeine/paracetamol for a different medical condition alongside the Pred for PMR/GCA. This was prescribed by my Rheumy several years ago and I have taken them since then. I know that they are given to those on steroids who can't - or shouldn't - take ibuprofen. However, I have to say that they do very little for PMR pain as far as I'm concerned. You could ring your surgery and ask?


Hi ,I have GCA,and have been taking paracetamol and codeine for months now but codeine is addictive so be very careful,if you take them both together it does help the pain,if the pain is really bad it will not help much it may take the edge off it,I have weened off the codeine and it was really weird,from taking codeine three times a day then twice then once and every other day and so on,good luck with that,ritter,Anne


Hi Badgergirl, it is quite safe to take Codeine or cocodamol whilst on Prednisolone. You just need to be aware that it is very quick to cause constipation, so make sure you drink plenty and eat prunes


Thanks All for the advice .


I have been taking co-codamol for pain. MY Dr had no hesitation prescribing this for my pains. No problem


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