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Has anyone had corrective eye surgery for ptosis?

I've just had the ok for this op. I'm still on 30mg pred,decreasing by 1mg per week or fortnight. Really looking forward to having my eye corrected but a bit worried about how long the bruising will last as I have bruises on my legs that have been there for months. Anyone had this procedure? I'd welcome any feedback,thanks so much

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I'd think again about having this procedure done while on 30mg Pred. Generally speaking, most of us find that at that amount any skin is very thin and there are often problems with excessive bleeding - my arms looked as if I'd been put in a cage with a lion as I took so long to heal, and corrective surgery for ptosis would for me be a big no-no. Around the eye the skin is exceptionally fragile in any case and eye problems are often caused by steroids.

Suggest you wait until you are not only on a much lower dose but also stable on that dose.


I agree with polkadotcom, I have to go and get a cataract done and I have waited deliberately till i am getting down on steroids as they weaken your veins and course bleeding, i am down to 15mg,s now and i think that is too high,please check with other people before getting it done ,good luck ritter Anne


Please get proper advice before proceeding with this operation. I am sure a much lower dose would be necessary and then you need to be stable for some time. Take care. All good wishes.



I had my left eye lid corrected twenty years ago and it took six months for the swelling to minimize. However, I have been told that procedures today are so much less evasive. I hope to hear back from you that everything went well because I really should have my right eye corrected, but have been putting it off!


like Predfan i had a ptosis correction op about 20 yrs ago. I found the op under local anaesthetic very stressful, and painful recovery. Couldn't see out the eye for a week with swelling, and scratchy stiches rubbing on the eyeball. I was fit and well in my thirties - and it was a hard recovery. Please wait till you are much better before comtemplating this. Didn't work that well either, my left eyelid is still droopy, but that was ages ago and i'm sure things are better now.


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