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Surprising reaction from rheumatologist today!

I was referred back to the rheumatologist by my GP---Cue Dr Jekyll (I saw him as Mr Hyde last time)! Whereas 3 months ago I was dismissed almost summarily with "No PMR " on this occasion I was even offered Cortisone injections in both shoulders---No PMR, so why would I need them? In the event I turned down the offer,considering I was full enough of steroids without any additional dosage. There was even a modicum of sympathy for the 10 main steroidal side effects I have endured thus far.

On a positive note-- I am now down to 25mg daily (the easy half!) and have been able to adjust Novomix insulin downwards accordingly. And to please me even more BP was 135/73 with 56 pulse (even though weight had gone up 6kg in the 3 month period).

Incidentally,many thanks to those who have tendered dietary advice through this Community but my own blood sugar levels reacts so fast to either sugar or salt that I tend to avoid all but naturally-occurring versions of either.

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