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I recently was admitted to ER in lockup with a diagnosis of delirium...this happened after an outpatient center that did hip surgery on me left me sitting several hours after in a chair as my wife says. By the time i came out of anesthesia my piriformis and pudendal was so exacerbated that I was having spasms and severe pain. The asshole anesthesia doc gave me something to knock me out againt my will and I was taken to a local ER. I was placed in four point restraint for almost 8 hours and received at least two IM injections of ???? to keep me contained as I was told. Nobody would listen to my wife or I regarding my diagnoses. I am going to pursue this further even though being a medical person myself I know they are going to CYA as much as they can. It was horrible!! Is this what I have to look forward to...never being able to sit and being treated as an animal. I need a good attorney licensed in MD so if anybody reads this and wants to respond believe me there is even more to tell. I got blood and urine tests ordered to see just what they gave me and already have med records ordered. I am not looking forward to the crap that they are going to say to CYA. Please help me!!!!

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That sounds very stressful! I'm sorry that happened to you. In regards to your pudendal nerve pain, I recommend a PT with a WCS or pelvic floor rehab experience to help you manage your pain, reduce spasms in the hip musculature, and regain strength for daily function. You can find a specialist on the apta website under the women's health section. Take care and good luck! :)


Thanks...there may be a PT about 45" away from me, but I have to recover from this darn hip surgery first, and I fell two days ago only five days after the surgery. Things could not be worse. I am planning to f/u though on the abuse I suffered.


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