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The Pelvic Messenger needs YOU- can you help our community?

Currently in only one year the internationally known show "The Pelvic Messenger" has grown to 26 thousand listeners. Please HELP our community and donate just $1 to $5 to allow us to mass print pamphlets about the show that can be placed in any medical office. You can ask for a packet of your own to advocate with and we will be sending out to hundreds of medical offices who already support the show!!!

PLEASE visit

and donate today:)

Like everyone here, I Elisabeth Oas suffer from CPP: endo, IC , PFD, and PN

I have pledged to make a difference and have been blessed with alot of support from groups like the IPPS, ICA and more....this show is a place for all of us to LEARN, valid and up to date information. All shows are archived for your listening pleasure.....

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