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Hi Ladies

I am glad I have found this site because I have been in a great deal of pain following a hystorectomy, front and back prolapse. After giving up with my local hospital I asked my doctor for a second opinion. I was referred to another hospital where i have found the most wonderful man who has diaganosed with Pudendal Neurlralga, I have an appointment on 8th December to have nerve block treatment so I will update you after the treatment has been done.



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  • Hi Marion. Can I ask who the doctor is? I'm just interested because previously I paid privately to see pain consultants who know about pudendal nerve problems because the waiting list was terribly long (9 months) to see them on the NHS in London. However, my GP has now referred me to a Dr. De Mello in Manchester, and the wait seems a lot less time. I am going to him for post operative treatment (ive had pudendal nerve decompression surgery in France). Good luck with your nerve blocks - post about how it goes.

  • Hi Fiona

    I'm, sadly, a new member. I wonder how you got on with Dr. De Mello? I am still looking for someone who's experienced and successful in pudendal nerve treatment, i.e. nerve block in the UK.


    I am assuming you were treated in Australia?

  • I've had that horrific issue for almost 6 years. i'm trying to create awareness about it through a website i put together. Fiona i'm sad to hear you had to have the surgery but hope it's successful. i had a peripheral stimulation device implanted and then 2 nerve blocks, the latest one closest to my trigger (which i believe is the rectal branch). i team that up with endep (meds) and am doing very well. after the nerve blocks i also started sitting my backside in a cold bucket (bidet on its way) every time i felt that 'heat' and that flare beginning. it really worked for me.

    good luck... to all of us!



  • Hi, Fiona,

    I had an operation at Birmingham to do repair work that another hospital had left behind and was still causing me pain down below. and my consultant referred me to another consultant at her hospital who deals with Vulva pain (I also have pain in the rectum), He examined me and diagnosed pudendal neu. and has now referred me to the pain management dept and I have an appointment on 8th December so I will let you know how I get on. All I want is to live a normal life.



  • Hi Fiona,

    I had the vulva high sensory pain. It's like having your finger stuck in a power point. I also couldn't stand heel pressure, could never walk barefoot, not even shower. The following is what was found, it's an extract from my post (http://www.pudendalnerve.com.au/2009/05/01/the-big-bang-injury/)

    "In May 2009 I had a follow-up MRI that showed I had a retroverted uterus. This doesn’t mean much more than I have a retroverted uterus, apparently women have either retro or antiverted and actually both as it should move with our motion, but I remembered that I had an antiverted uterus and thought to check it out. My brilliant gynecologist, Professor Michael Quinn (Lifesaver: Ovarian Cancer Testing) who felt things were just a little too tender, whipped me in for a laparoscopy the following Monday.

    Findings: A very thickened rectovaginal septum and a thickened left uterosacral ligament also. The septum was resected."

    This helped reduce that hellish issue 90%.

    For the rectum I've had a pain specialist guide the needle of the nerve block to that branch and have now had 6 months of great relief. I'm even working part time. first ever time in almost 6 years. My pain doc woke me under anasthetic while stimulating different branches of the pudendal nerve to find where it hurt most. He found the rectal branch and it killed. He injected at that point. Was perfect!!!!

    Nothing better than a beautiful routine and disciplinery life of work and play.

    Good luck love


  • Hi Marion, just wondered why you had to have the hysterectimy? I went running 4 months ago got stimach pain groin pain and saddle numbness ever since this run my pain stated I was diagnosed with prolapsed uterus mild bladder and rectal I'm just having more symptoms that the urogyno can't explain which is worrying any advice please cx

  • Hi Butter

    I had the hysterectomy as it seems the norm for my hospital when I had a rear prolapse. As it happens they repaired the front prolapse during the operation. Hope you are able to get sorted soon. x

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