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Is it safe to do pelvic floor release exercises with pudendal neuralgia?

I have a lot of pain in my perineum and have now started with pain right through my buttock on the affected side. I just want to do something in the meantime as I'm so worried about it getting worse. Any suggestions would be very welcome :-)

Also I take amytriptaline 25 mgs and naproxen 500 mgs twice a day along with paracetamol but by evening time I feel like I've given birth :-(

I've had 2 pelvic floor repairs following having my children and also did a lot of kegal exercises afterwards so I know I have a tight pelvic floor which may be compounding the problem.

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DON'T do kegal exercises. Take a look at this second question may relate to you and

There is another of their blogs which could be of interest to you but I will have to remember what it was (probably the most relevant) I know that it was posted on this site a while ago.

My advice would be to see a physio who is PN aware

Not all of these practitioners are always PN aware so ring before hand to find out, although they will all be good with pelvic floor muscle problems.

Hope this helped,



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