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Dose anyone get difficulty sitting in sertan postions??

Ever Since my operation last summer to remove my endometrosis ive had extream difficulty sleeping on my left hand side i can only bear the preasure for less than 5min it is Very simmalr to the preasure you would recive from constpation And dyarea them unbearing cramps And agonising preasure, i have only slept on my Back Since the opp and i must say it Very unconfurtubll esp when implementace use. To sleeping on my belly.. Has any oné else had this difficulty? Iv been suffering endokrinologie for About 7years now ani i Stiller do not no much About it implementace trying to not let it rule mezi sourozenci my 1st steps are starting to tak. Emma

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Hi, i have endo adhesions in three main areas, this can cause pain when sitting, standing, sleeping in certain positions.

Have they offered you an ultrasound / mri scan to look for the cause of pain?

Could they consider the benefits offer you physio?

At one point I was offered accupuncture, havent tried this yet.

My sister had this for nerve pain and said it helped.

Dont suffer in silence, go back to your specialist / GP and ask for answers and options.

Take care and best of luck :o)


hi trisa i didnt realise some one had answered this Q, this is exactly what im experancing and its driving me nuts im lower than every i hate going to the docs now iv told them the same thing over an over and nothings been done were iv got nervis and anxshis about going im so fed up with it thanku so much for ur reply i will take these in to consideration next time im in and ask for something more to be done


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