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Does anyone suffer from intense pelvic muscle spasms?

I had pt a while ago and my pain improved a bit. The last several months, loss of my mom, moving to a different city, selling my house, my bladder and bowel pain have become unbearable. My pelvic floor muscles are in constant intense spasm. Went to pt today, and just from her preliminary exam the muscles eased. Has anyone had long term success with pt? I'm about ready to check into the loony bin. 3 yrs of pain, this is torture . Thanks for any positive feedback.

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i have had this problem you describe for several years, i've more or less been told i just have to live with it as it may be to do with my fibromyalgia ,or myofascial pain causing trigger points , i did end up5 years ago having my bladder out as they did think as i had suffered from interstitial cystitis for a very long time it could be that, but the pain never went it was just the same(so i had my bladder removed for nothing really,) i know how you feel i also have now the possibility of pudendal nerve entrapment,so sick of it all, i shall be in the bed next to you in the loony bin, either that or i'll go and stand on a railway line , i have tried everything to try to get help with it to no avail


It is something I have heard a fair bit about from other people, I think especially when problems are related to the pelvic floor muscles, or may if the problem stems from that area?? That is just my take on it, nothing to back it up, although that is your experience too.

My experience of muscle spasms was right at the beginning just after a fall. I carried on (in pain) as my third grandson Rufus, had just been born and I had to travel to London to see him. . . . well you do don't you! I was in agony but just popped pills and soldiered on. On my return I went straight to bed and my whole lower body went into a complete spasm. I guess it was saying DON'T MOVE!! It worked!

I had to have one leg bent (my worst one) and hanging over the side of the bed, supported by piled up pillows as I lay in bed on my front. I looked like I was half way to getting of a horse. . . .badly! for 3 days. . . .it was torture.

I know that my piriformis muscles are very tight, but always and thankfully don't get anything like the muscle spasm that just knots you up.

I would definitely pursue the physiotherapy, maybe some myofascial release. I have definitely heard that this maybe along side some medication does help in the long term as well as short. Are you seeing someone who is specialised with the pelvic floor or PN aware?

That is a dreadful situation to be in EJ. . .

(so i had my bladder removed for nothing really,) So sorry for you. This is why we need to have more recognition for pelvic neurologies. If you haven't already can you sign this petition about just that. Don't need to donate when prompted at the end.

Take care



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