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Does anyone have these symptoms?

Hi. I'm 19 years old and I have been experiencing pelvic pain for around four years now. I have been diagnosed with pelvic congestion only recently to be told, from the results of an internal ultrasound, that I do not have pelvic congestion, nor is there anything "abnormal" with my endometrium or ovaries. I am booked for a gyno appointment in July, but in between here and then I'm looking for some support.

I feel as though my symptoms have gotten worse over the last two years. I am on the pill and have been since I was 15. I get stabbing pains in my breasts, pelvic area, lower stomach and thighs at any point during my cycle, although it gets much worse (to the point of not being able to stand it) in the days leading up to my period/withdrawal bleeding. I do not feel as though these pains are triggered by anything like standing up or sitting down.

I also have a stinging kind of pain on my labia when it is touched.

Does anyone have these symptoms? How do you treat them? Have you been diagnosed with anything?

Thank you. xx

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Stabbing pains could be nerve pain, but a compromised nerve wouldn't affect all of the areas you describe. It may still be a good idea to still consider pudendal or other pelvic neuralgia, at be aware of it's existence if only to rule it out. Sitting is usually dreadful with this complaint.

Stabbing nerve pain could also be described as electric shock type pain but it can manifest itself as burning, tingling, numbing and/or hypersensitive. I think that you would need to read up a bit more about this problem to see if it fits.

Take care,



Hi this may sound weird but a few yrs ago I kept having stabbing pain when my bits were touched. Eventually I discovered I had a pubic hair lodged into it (from shaving) as soon as it was out it was immediately better.

I have similar pelvic issues now as you have for last 2 yrs.still awaiting a diagnosis.


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