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Glad I'm not the only person in the world!!

I have suffered to from pelvic pains since the age of 9years old. I am nearly 28, and recently had a laparoscopy, (7days ago) and they found nothing out of the ordinary and was told that I don't have a gynaecological problem.

I have suffered from 3 miscarriages (all pregnancies have been whilst on the pill and taken extremely carefully), and before my laparoscopy, I was told on various occasions that me having a child would cure my pelvic pains.

Has anyone else been told anything like this and did you listen to your doctor? Has it worked or did it get worst after having children?

As a person who doesn't want children, I feel as if no doctor thought I was being serious about my life choice.

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Have a look at PPOD on the internet - stands for pelvic pain and organic dysfunction. I am currently investigating this. I don't believe doctors have any scientific evidence for saying a child will cure your pelvic pain!


Hi Natalie. I have suffered from pelvic pain for over 20 years. I have had two laparoscopies, one for diagnosis (Endometriosis) and the last one for treatment. But pain has been gradually getting worse over the years and my diagnosis is vague, I still have lots of pains and symptoms unexplained. I have also been told on various occasions that having a child would cure my pelvic pain, I have tried getting pregnant many times in the past but was unsuccessful.

Based on my research (which includes talking with other patients who have had children), some women found that having a baby helped with the pain from the pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding, then the pain returned (I believe is the change of hormones which helped to decrease the pain). Other women reported they had no pain after having children, and then other women say having children don't help at all or made he pain even worse.

So, there is no evidence to guarantee that having a child is a solution or a cure for pelvic pain.


There are numerous reasons for why a woman can have pelvic pain, and saying that going through a pregnancy can cure the pelvic pain is nonsense if the patient is not diagnosed with a specific condition. I have had pelvic pain since late teens, having my son in my twenties made it worse and now in my late 40s my pelvic pain is, along with a string of other medical issues, a daily struggle. I certainly wouldn’t recommend having a child in the hope that it would cure your pain, there is no guarantee that would happen. Try to find a doctor who can give you a diagnose and possibly some help instead.

Good luck, take care.


Thank you for replying Casablanca, PPSN_MariaZ and Helene.

I haven't been diagnosed, and they are now trying to treat the pain rather than finding a cause.I will have a look at PPOD.

I'm glad i'm a strong enough person to actually not listen to doctors as I could now be pregnant or have a child that I didn't want, or suffered more miscarriages. I don't want to imagine how many mothers out there who were told this and are still suffering with children they didn't initially want :(


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