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Gynecologists in the UK interested in complex gynecological conditions?


I've come to terms with the fact that I may have a gynecological condition/illness that is (I feel is killing me, literally) making me deteriorate. I have no strength anymore and being ignored by doctors because my MRIs are all clear is not helpful. I am looking for a gynecologist who is interested in complex disorders and who is willing to listen from a - z because I have become a cabbage and this is no way to live. I've tried every medication under the sun and they just make me further deteriorate.

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I've been told its complex and they don't know what is happening to me because my set of symptoms are unique. I've seen many many gynacologists who can't pin point the problem. But I can't go on living like this because I have no life essentially. Can anybody direct me to an advanced gynecolgoist with interest in complex disorders?

I feel for you so much as it sounds like you are reaching the end of your tether. There will be a way forward, though I understand that it doesn't feel like it right now. I think you would find it useful to find someone who you feel is listening so that you at least feel heard. A good women's health physiotherapist may be worth a try. I recognize that this is not a solution but they may be able to help you develop strategies for living whilst you search for the right medical help. I don't know what area you are in but I'm sure people on here might be able to recommend. I certainly found that mine was the first person who actually listened so it was like emotional therapy as well as physical. I also found counselling helpful for emotional support.Sorry I can't recommend any gynaecologists which I know is what you were asking for but hopefully others on here might be able to do so. Please let me know how you get on x

It's exactly that. I am physically weak, exhausted, my immune system is fighting (what I don't know). I am breatheless and have pain in the heart if I accidently sleep on the left of my pelvis. I just want help... I don't see any life or future like this

I would also like to say thank you Sally, for replying. The moral support you have provided goes along way. I pray you heal too.

So sorry to hear you are in pain ask and pay if you can to see a consultant jx

I concur ...find a good pelvic floor physical therapist to start with and go from there and believe me it will definitely make a difference

Hello I am sad to hear of your condition ...I too was in this same situation...I agree fully to find a woman’s health physiotherapist I saw one on and off for 2 years and she helped me beyond words she also has become a friend..I was misdiagnosed for almost 2 years I laid on my sofa I understand fully how you feel..I stoped counting at 25 different doctors my personal advice is to find a pelvic pain doctor..all my tests as well as mri’s showed nothing I was finally diagnosed with Pudendal Nuralgia and once I had the proper diagnosis I was no longer treated as a drug addict looking for opioids...I am in the States and dr.’s today are afraid to prescribe them in fear of loosing their license to practice..I was not looking for meds all the nerve meds they gave me made me feel sick ...I hope you find relive I ended up with an herbalist and doing yoga and meditation 🧘 these have been the only things that have helped me please find a specialist in pelvic pain there are many drugs that may help ...I still suffer my pain is manageable now I am still not able to work but am able to be off of the sofa most of my day...I wish you luck (sorry for being so winded I just hate to hear of anyone suffering as I did) take very good care and do not give up

Sorry to hear about your condition.It took me 5yrs to get a definitive diagnosis. I changed doctors and hospitals to get the treatment I am entitled to.

I have an all female care team, it makes such a difference because they actually listen to what you are saying and can empathise!!

My saviour is my specialist womens physio who provides a variety of therapy and treatments. It was actually through them that I got a diagnosis as they new exactly what tests/scans I needed.

We all I'm sure have felt exactly how you feel at some time in our lives. Chronic pain can strip you of your sanity feeling like you just can't take anymore.

On a more POSITIVE NOTE, there is help out there. Look at specialists within your area you have a choice and a voice that should be heard. It's hard to feel motivated as pain is all consuming. I really do hope you get the help you deserve, stay positive, stay strong!!!!!

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