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Vibrations down below!

Hoping someone can help.

I often get a weird vibrating feeling 'down below' around the entrance to the urethra and vagina. It's not painful, but very annoying!

Just lately it's been almost continuous and I'm now getting worried that this may be something pressing on a nerve somewhere.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with a prolapse.

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Hi yes I have had this but did not last too long for me. I know what you mean annoying when it does happen hope yours trotts on very soon xx

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Yes I have the same symptom,its trapped gas,,well with me it is...


I think you had better see a doctor. Did you have a tubal ligation?

Let us know what the doctor says.


They are most likely vaginal/perineal muscle spasms due to pain. I have continuous vaginal 'vibrations' alongside vulva. Most likely fue to nerve irritation. See a pelvic PT!


Is it like a pins and needles feeling? If so it could be vulvodynia, its a nerve pain in the vulva and easily treated with different pills.

Mine is always horrible when the temperature drops dramatically.


I experienced this at the very beginning of my pudendal nerve issue. It lasted a few weeks before my urethra started burning. It then migrated to my labia then to my perineum. If you suspect it could be a PN problem go straight to a pelvic pain specialist uro/gynecologist .



Thanks for those replies!

I don't have any pain with this, just a fluttering/vibration feeling.

I was told many years ago I have a slight prolapse, and it may be that at the moment it's touching something (my bowel?).

I did mention this to a gynaecologist a long time ago, and he flippantly said, "Well you do have bowels there"!


Sounds like a man! Please go see a recommended woman. After years of dealing with prolapse and heavy bleeding....I saw a woman and a woman surgeon and I'm recovering with an optimistic future.


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