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Large Fibroids and the symptoms they cause

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hi, I stopped having regular periods 7 1/2 years ago just after i turned 40, after several trips to the gp's they said I wasnt in the menopause but didn't investigate further, in November 2017 I ended up at the out of hours drs as I was in agony and unable to pass urine, they said I had severe cystitis, these symptoms didn't go away and became more frequent so I visited the gp who sent me to urologists, who in turn sent me for an ultrasound scan which showed I have a large fibroid, at the time of the scan it was was 10-12cm across, since seeing the gynaecologist about 3 months later he now suggests it is around 15cm across and I need a hysterectomy, I've just had an MRI scan to get a better picture of how it is sitting and am now waiting to see the gynaecologist again to go on the waiting list for the hysterectomy.

my question to you all is have any of you had symptoms not normally suggested? I have the trouble passing urine, constipation, the feeling of fullness and pain in my lower abdomen, but my moods are bad, I retain fluid badly, and quite a few other things, what have you all had with this problem?

thank you :)

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hi i've got a similar sized fibroid i was told it was 12 cm and that it had rapidly grew over a couple of months to 15.9 cm was also offered a hysterectomy and was going to be fast tracked on to the top of waiting list but managed to convince them to give me a mri and hopefully get UAE done instead. my symptoms are similar to yours except i've always had regular periods i tend to have a bladder problem when the thing is pressing against my bladder which does cause me to have pain and not being able to go then all of a sudden i seem to spend my full day trotting back and forth to the toilet. the feeling of pressure in my abdomen drives me crazy at times and having indigestion which can sometimes goes on for days i've looked at several websites during the last eight months and most of them say the symptoms that you are saying - which are part and parcel of having fibroids i've had no different symptoms that i can think of. My moodiness tends to come on when i start over thinking things as i start worrying about it

I hope your appointment comes through quickly i know how frustrating it is sitting and waiting for that letter

here's to a pain free future

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Thanks for the answer Karen, it’s driving me mad having all these symptoms and I want it over and done with, I’m not a good ill person lol I hope you get sorted too also

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