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Swollen vulva


I've had issues for a long time with pelvic pain and have been using steroid cream on and off for an itchy vulva (just the right side, which is kinda off). I think it's cyclical eczema as it flares up in other places too but anyways I've also had a really swollen vulva. Literally feels like the vulva is full of fluid and heavy, so much worse when I'm standing up and just agony.

I was at the doctor's recently about the itching and she checked the area out and said all was fine but it's so sore, like a muscle pain in my leg joint too, so I've upped my pelvic wand use but nothing is touching it. Any ideas??

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Hi, my wife had a similar condition a few years ago, the GP sent her to a specialist and it was diagnosed as Lichen sclerosus it is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. I suggest you have it checked out, as it can progress to something worse.

I hope this helps you.

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I certainly agree you should have this looked into further and as soon as you can since this brings you more and more discomfort through the years. Get a second opinion and if it possible choose a urologist-gynecologist, uro-gyn specialist.

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