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IUD for 3 years. Debilitating pain. Tests u/s laposcophy normal. Help


Has anyone had debilitating pain with the marina, like I feel like I am being stabbed. I've had u/s. Lap, bloods swaps everyone is normal and in check. My doctor has put off taking my marina out because he said it couldn't stab me (even though when I dont down sometime I feel like it is) 2 forte and an endone couldn't help this pain. They just treat me with pain killers. I went on Brenda for 3 months to help with random bleeding and I was still getting pains on and off. He has finally agreed to take it out as well as scope in my bladder to check that. But if this doesn't make the pain go away he wants to put me on lyrica for a month to see it that will help with pain. I'm only 21 and scared the marina has done damage. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Can I ask where you are from please? As some of your terminology doesn’t make sense to me so I find it hard to offer help. I’m on Lyrica but don’t find that it gives me much help apart from easing the spasms that I get with the nerve ending pains. If you could explain things a bit clearer then I may be able to help you some. X

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Ultrasound, blood tests, swab tests, laposcophy. I'm from Australia. My main issue is the lower abdominal pain, that I have found gets set off when I am sitting. I am new to this site haha. X

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