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Feeling lost

Hello everybody! My name is brieanna. I came here looking for advice and support because I didn't know who else to turn to to figure things out. I was just diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease and the pain is unbearable. From reading these posts I can see that I am not alone and I have similar symptoms that alot of you have. I just don't even know where to begin or how this happened...

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Hi, What advice were you given? If you were told nothing about your problem,( which seems to be the case a lot of the time)) see your GP,and write down everything you wish to know.


I know nothing about PID. I just quickly scanned some Web sites ( Mayo Clinic ) and they say it is caused by a sexually transmitted infection. Did you have one? If not, have you been tested for one?

What are your primary symptoms? Who diagnosed you? What was the rationale for the diagnosis? Do you have the doctors consult notes?

I feel for you.


Briana my heart breaks for you, my love...

same here, 10 out of 10 pain levels. spine surgeries brought it on.


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