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Large Flaccid and Lost control after masturbate !!

Large Flaccid and Lost control after masturbate !!

Hi every one

Am 28 yo and the injury happened 19 months ago after a long hard masturbate .

First of all I recommend you to watch 2 PICTURES I've putted before and after the injury , to be more clear , simplified for who have the same symptoms


Outer layer smooth Penis muscle tissue , ligaments tissue , PF muscles problem?

My last conclusion maybe I damage or tore one of the two ligaments (suspensory ligament and fundiform ligament) but this not going to make the LARGE Flaccid or affecting the performance so I'm thinking also in the PF,BC muscles too, its not logically to be mixed together .

Exactly after ejaculate

I saw Artery or vein bulbous pulsing on the left side behind the glans, but without any pain and took its current form (Larger flaccid form),In that day it never moved again .

the erection recovered in (2-3)days to 70% and that thing like a bubble in the left side was also gone Gradually within these 3 days

Here's the symptoms

1- Simply its become 3-4 times larger when flaccid , the normal of my flaccid state is shrinking all the time now its NOT .

2- too heavy it pointing downwards and so hard to keep erection while standing up(I think Ligaments related )

3- Penis doesn't react/react weakly when I flex PC muscle cant control up and down easily like before by kegel move ; feels detached not stable or very loose easy to bend it down "no resistance"( the pelvic floor muscles of the anus ones responds as well )

P.S: get better controlling while seating

4-while erect , at the start of penile on the right side,there's a three new pitfalls like an Impact or trace or space of an old ligaments which not in there place any more(that one reason make me thing about something wrong with the ligaments)

5- I can see Veins and arteries, big and small ones, clearly large sometimes, dorsal vein was visible (erect and flaccid state) .

6- sometimes when urinate ,penis felt super soft spongy ,incompact, jellied texture (which never were before) , I think this is normal thing but not appear before because the urinating goes while its shrunk so in the past maybe this already exist and normal but cant notice about it because it was shrunk and now its become visble with the LARGE flaccid(I think it always there but appeared with the new big size) .

7- No pain even after the injury itself except the tingling which I felt it while that masturbate and after the ejaculation of the injury never felt this tingling again .

"to be clear about that tingling , It Is like a pain of small needles tingling on the outer layer of the penile. usually happens to me when excessive masturbation(more than 4).

Plus another feeling (not pain) like some thing strange leaking while ejaculating process on the left side of the ligament up of the base "I was pressing down by my thumb on the start of it " .

8- reduced sensitivity Loss sexual desire/libido.

I posted in many forum to find any cured same case , I've found about 6 but no one cured yet , I post also in , one of the common symptoms in the HF book is being larger when flaccid , and I have most of HF symptoms except being HARD. Mine is not HARD FLACCID ,its just extremely LARGE than before when flaccid , and this is totally the opposite of what HF men complaining about from this side.

everything including the uro's says nothing wrong

- Ultrasound passed(dupler) .

- Penile is ok.

- No Venous leak .

- No peyronies No Fibrosis.

- Prostate is ok too.

Didn't make a MRI test but I think it's Ok too

HF is rare but its curable and I hope this is a rare HF case and not anything else .

Its over than 19 months now , just if professional or any one experienced this or seen some thing similar , let me know .

Thank again you for reading it and any replay (same case or any diagnose, conclusions)will be welcomed

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I have something like this (but not very similar), I guess you have some disorder in your pudendal nerve (which controls sexual functions).


thank you for replay, but your similar problem , is it about pudendal nerve , and did you recover ?


I had my pudendal nerve transpositioned due to excessive masturbation, but i guess you have some additional problems linked to some valve disorder that controls the blood traffic to the penis which controls the size of the penis, am about to make a surgery in Nantes next Sept (fingers crossed). thanx


thanks , I've add pic to simply explanation of the problem , hope the surgery going well for you


What are your symptoms ? I have pn and my symptoms are rectal except for pain on ejaculation. No dr has suggested masturbation as a cause.


All my symptoms is up you can read it


This ? is for titosantanov . Where are your symptoms ?


no this is not for titosantonov


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