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Abscess and Endometriosis, what a pair!



My name is Shannon and I have been suffering with endometriosis for three years (really since I was in my early 20’s,but we called it “bad” cramps back then) I have had two laparoscopic surgeries to try to remove or clear out the endo, but unfortunately my previous Dr. was not able to remove much. I have stage IV and my insides have been described as the “worst” they have ever seen, that everything is just cemented together. The pain can be so unbearable and when I am having an episode (or what I call a little samurai gnome in my uterus having a field day) I feel so lost and alone. I have a wonderful husband that has been by my side, but I feel so much guilt for what he has dealt with. I know he is my husband and he loves me, but how many episodes , how many procedures and how many ER visits can he deal with? If that’s not enough, we have tried to get pregnant with no success. Now it is so bad that my tubes are blocked. This recently caused an abscess on my tube and I became very sick. Luckily after surgery they were able to get it isolated and stable. Three weeks later I was back in the ER with a reoccurring infection. I’m at a point where I may need to remove everything. It is so hard to wrap my head around this. Now I may be adding to the list that I will not be able to make my husband a daddy. Everyone says “your health is first” and I know that’s true, but making the decision which will result in you never being able to carry your child is heart breaking.

This is only a small portion of my story. I would love to hear feedback from others who have experienced an abscess on a tube. How long did it take to clear up? Did you have to have to remove anything? Or just any comments!

Thanks for reading!

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What a horror story for you! It is too bad that the gyneacolygist could not cauterize most of the endometrial tissue away. Have you ever been given medication for your endometriosis?

If I was you I would really eat healthy ( lean and green ), drink 6-8 cups of filtered water a day, exercise to keep your heart and circulation healthy and I would see a Naturopath.

There are supplements that help us heal internally. Magnesium will calm myalgia ( muscle spasms and pain ), capsicum can help with neuralgia, and vitamin C with zinc are great tissue healers.

i could not conceive. Retrograde menstrual blood was blocking my tubes. I had a ‘ hystero-salphingiogram’ which cleared my tubes. I conceived in three months. Maybe you could ask for this procedure.

Endoshan in reply to Konagirl60

Hey there,

Thanks for the advice, yes, diet is super important. I have started to take supplements that my acupuncturist has recommended.

I wish I could salvage my tubes but the endo has distorted them so badly they cannont be salvaged. My best case right now is salvaging my uterus so I may still do IVF, but as we know that is no guarantee.

I have done the lupron shots for three months and it has helped with the pain, but I still have the painful cysts and I have really bad side affects. So I traded one evil for another.

I found an endo specialist that we are scheduled for surgery in June so I hope I have a new positive outlook and it’s not too late.

Konagirl60 in reply to Endoshan

I pray the surgery in June can ablate most of the endometrial tissue away. Endometriosis causes terrible pain. I recently had a laparoscopy and the gynaecologist cauterized it away. It was growing behind my right ureter! Keep in touch okay. Thinking of you.

Endoshan in reply to Konagirl60

Thanks girl, will do! Hopefully you are pain free after surgery and continue to be.

Konagirl60 in reply to Endoshan

What was once a life threatening situation changed in 2011. I almost died from medical neglect and complete incompetence. I did not have honourable medical care.....I was brushed off because I am female!

I have needed two more surgeries that were done way too late. ( 2017 and 2018 ).

As a result I have permanent neuralgia. Rectal nerves were pinched for too long and rectal tissue was irritated by a metal titanium Filshie clip for 10 years! ( it caused a foreign body inflammatory response).

I pray that with traveling to healing centres across the globe I will find a cure. I am awaiting a ganglion Impar nerve block. With the Canadian health care situation of today.......I may be waiting for months!

I have learned to pace myself. I was very athletic and active before my nerve stretch/ compression injury arose. It was caused by repetitive stress hip flexion movements throughout my life. I did ballet for 15 years, I was a gymnast, I skied, I hiked avidly ( even the Himalayas ) I raked 40 bags of leaves every fall, I did all the gardening at my home ( divorced an abusive ex....I kept the house ).I also did all of my own house work and gardening. I cleaned the eavestroughs.I power pruned the bushes etc.

Fortunately for me, the garden is perennials and maintenance is now minimal. I wish you could see it! I have worked on it for 24 years.

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