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Ruptured abscess Fallopian tube


Evening all, I was admitted to hospital last week after a ruptured abscess on my Fallopian tube as a result of pid. I had recently had a vaginal mass removed that had grown post hysterectomy and they believe the surgery caused the pid. I have been on iv antibiotics and now at home with a heavy dose of oral antibiotics but I am still experiencing a lot of pain. I went straight back to work so don't know if I am just trying to do too much too soon after a pretty awful episode or if this is a sign that there has been some long term damage to my tube? Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so, is it normal for it to take a while for the pain to settle down?

Thanks, Kate

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Sounds like you have had two major health episodes close together. Surgery and infection will cause lots of inflammation and pain and will take a while to settle down. You need to rest and allow your body to recover. Take care.

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Hi there I had an abcess on my fallopian tube and it busted and filled all my body up nearly died I had it drained and I was pretty bad this happened in 2003 took 16 weeks before I could walk up stairs I was very slow and it really did scare me every pain in that area now I think the abcess is bk...I was in hospital for 2and half wks after just don't be rushing to get bk at anything cos it is a slow process

Hi there i have recently been in hospital with a tubal ovarian abscess. I was on iv antibiotics for 4 days then sent home on heavy oral. I had a follow up.scan and abscess had grown so they drained it via laprascopic surgery. I'm now 2 weeks post op and still in pain also I went to ed today blood count is normal so got sent home with metronidazole!! I'm constantly on edge and scared!! Scared abscess is returning or ones developing on other side as I get similar pain there too

Thank you for your replies. I think I have massively underestimated how serious the rupture was. I have a scan today to find out if the abscess has cleared and if there has been any long term damage to the tube. Fingers crossed everything has repaired itself. Hope you are feeling better and fully recovered. Have a restful bank holiday xxx

Yes I had a access on my fallopian tube and it busted and filled all my system up they drained it out but I was a mess inside it took me 16 wks to get bk to normal when I eventually went bk to work I was there 1mth and my wrists started swelling up first I was diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritus after a year I was diagnosed Fibromyalgia I didn't go bk to work pain started all over again...I think u should rest up your doing too much far too soon I couldn't even climb stairs I was that bad I should go c your doctor and get him to put u on the sick for abit till u feel much better good luck pet x

I have a small abscess of 3 cm in my left tube, I was already treated for PID and they told me to not worry about the abscess as it is small but I am not sure if it can rupture. My doctor told me that is too small and is only a matter of keeping it under control. I am totally lost, I am scared if this ruptures.

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I'm in the same boat mine is 4cm I'm on oral antibiotics and still sore so scared it will rupture i can't even have a because it's all I'm thinking about

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How are you feeling now? I feel like Im dying

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